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Here are some pieces of tiled art, created on Macromedia XRes or Painter Classic (or some mixture of the two), for my web page, or for other background purposes.

Thumbnail: Starspangle Starspangle
A fairly simple design of yellow stars against a dark background, meant to keep a small file size. Text of either light or dark color doesn't really show up well against this. Rather, I enclose text in a table block with a solid background of #000025 to superimpose over this. This pattern is used as a background for my Repense Zodiac page for Ironclaw RPG. (Feb 2002)

Thumbnail: Spooks Spooks
My first tiled design created with Painter Classic - a radioactive green design meant to suggest malicious spirits for a background for my pages for Deadlands: Hell on Earth. Black, bold text shows up best on this, though this is more decorative than practical. (Jul 2000)

Thumbnail: Travel-Dark Travel-Dark
A dark version of my "Travel" collage background, created by sticking various bits of clip-art and icons (turned monochrome and tinted in Macromedia XRes) onto a tile workspace in Painter Classic. This was intended as a background for my "Weird Wars" web section, with light text on a dark background. (Jul 2000)

Thumbnail: Rad Texture Rad Texture
A fairly simple texture created in Macromedia XRes in bright "radioactive" green. This is a fairly light background, so that dark text will show up clearly against it. (May 2000)

Thumbnail: Spill Texture Spill Texture
Cans of toxic waste - a background for my Deadlands: Hell on Earth pages. The "toxic goo" was created with the "oilslick" airbrush texture in Macromedia XRes, whereas the barrels are scans of a "doom barrel" I painted up for use with gaming miniatures. The image has been faded so that black text will show up more clearly against it. (May 2000)

All images on this page are copyright by T. Jordan "Greywolf" Peacock. Deadlands and Deadlands: Hell on Earth are trademarks of Pinnacle Games. Ironclaw is a trademark of Sanguine Games, Ltd. You're welcome to use these background textures, but it'd be appreciated if you could give me some credit.