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Here is a collection of artwork drawn for the Ironclaw Role-Playing Game, as well as some miniatures painted up for use in roleplay. (Not all of them are official.) For organizational purposes, I occasionally shuffle pieces from this front page into the "sub-category" pages; the dates below indicate when I've last updated them.

If you're looking for images to use for Ironclaw character portraits, check out the "Stand-Ups"/"Figure-Flats" sections below, or else go visit my fonts page.

Spirits (color)
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(last updated 5 Mar 2004)

Note About Usage: I have received several requests from people who want to use some of the "Stand-Up" images as icons for online graphical chats. I am of the opinion that using an existing icon to represent your character for a "chat room" is about the same as using it to represent your character on a table-top game. In other words, you are welcome to use the "stand-up" images for such a non-profit purpose, and to color them in, resize them, save them to another image format, or to crop them as need be - except for those images that specifically say in the description that they were "drawn by the request of" some specific person, or that they represent a specific character created by someone else. In a case like that, I cannot give you permission for what might be construed as "publication" on a chat room site, when I don't really own the rights to the character. Sorry!

As for the rest, my only objections would be if you misrepresent the origin of the artwork (i.e., false claims that you drew this), or if you alter the image in a way that would make it indecent and/or obscene (in which case, I really don't want anyone to think that I drew it). If you are questioned by an administrator on your chat site as to the usability of these images, please refer him or her to this page, or have him or her contact me via email.

Ironclaw Gaming System

Ironclaw is copyright 1999-2007 Sanguine Productions, Limited. Used with permission; all rights reserved. Images on this page are copyright by T. Jordan "Greywolf" Peacock and by the respective owners of any characters depicted.