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The following are PDFs for "figure flats" - simple fold-over paper "models" meant to serve in the place of miniatures for use with various role-playing games.

Permission is granted to download these, print them off, cut them out, and assemble them however you please. I've got a whole list of copyright and trademark notices at the bottom of this page, as I give credit for the various game systems that inspired these models, but these documents are (unless stated otherwise) copyright by me, so please don't nab them and claim them as your own.

Featured Update (24 Apr 2018): Off-Site Link Maintenance - As of this writing, I think I finally have the broken links and missing thumbnails fixed ... for now.

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Ghostbusters-Themed Figure Flats Ghostbusters Fan Art / Figure Flats
Some fan art portraits of some of my friends portrayed as Ghostbusters, plus a few ghosts, ghost traps, and even a couple of vehicles for getting to those haunted hot-spots in style. (Ghostbusters and the "No Ghosts" logo are trademarks of Columbia Pictures. No challenge to trademark status is intended.) (12 Apr 2009.)
Fantasy Figure Flats #1: Beastmen Fantasy Figure Flats #1: Beastmen
An assortment of tri-fold figure flats derived from some of the older anthropomorphic animal art in my gallery. Possibly useful for various "beast-people" monsters or races in various fantasy settings. (Updated 21 Jul 2008.)
DHOE Figure Flats #1: Red Mesa Incident Deadlands (Hell on Earth) Figure Flats #1: Red Mesa Incident
An assortment of tri-fold figure flats derived from some old character portraits I drew of the "posse" from my "Red Mesa" campaign, in the classic "Deadlands: Hell on Earth" setting, with a few "parasite zombies" thrown in for good measure. (Updated 21 Jul 2008.)
Urban Combat - Alternate Bases Urban Combat Alternate Bases
Alternate paper bases for converting tri-fold flats into self-standing "2-siders," for urban/modern/near-future settings.
Slipstream - Alternate Bases Slipstream Alternate Bases
Alternate paper bases for use with tri-fold figure flats from Slipstream (or perhaps a few other settings). The purpose of these is so that you can take "tri-fold" flats, and just use the front image and back silhouette to make them "2-siders." Just cut these bases out and assemble, and your 2-siders can be self-standing.
Pirates RPG Paper Sloop Flats Pirates RPG Model Sloop Flats
Fold-over models representing sloops for use with the Pirates RPG. 8 ships are included as two-sided models (side view), in color.
Wooden Dungeon Doors Wooden Dungeon Doors
A sheet of paper model dungeon doors you can cut out and fold over to represent doors with my map tiles. (They're made to either be folded over "prism" or "inverted T" style.)
WNM PCs Wonderland PC Figures
16 two-sided, full-color flat figure models for use with Wonderland No More.
Chess Board Floor Tile Wonderland Chess Set
8 "white" and 8 "red" chess piece two-sided paper models inspired by the drawings of Sir John Tenniel in Alice Through the Looking-glass. These can be useful for Chessmen for Wonderland No More.
Bat Swarm Templates Bat Swarm Templates
One, two, THREE beautiful bat swarm template sizes! Mwahahahaha! Originally made as a Halloween freebie for Pinnacle Entertainment Group, suitable to represent Savage Worlds bat swarms. (Link updated 24 Apr 2018.)
Thanksgiving-Themed Turkey Monster Figure Flats Savage Turkey Shoot: Turkey Monster Figure Flats
A silly Thanksgiving freebie for Savage Worlds with variants of an old turkey drawing to transform it into figure flats for infernal turkeys, zombie turkeys, robot turkeys, a giant turkey, and the Ghost of Thanksgiving Past ... plus a few "ordinary" turkeys. Happy Thanksgiving! (Updated 24 Apr 2018.)


External Links

The following are external links to free figure flat sets that I've drawn for Pinnacle Entertainment Group and Triple Ace Games.
Wild Hunt Flats The Wild Hunt
A free Savage Worlds adventure from Pinnacle, complete with figure flats. (Link Fixed 29 Mar 2018.)
Wild Hunt Bus The Wild Hunt - Charter Bus
A free papercraft bus model intended to go along with the "Wild Hunt" adventure. (Link Fixed 29 Mar 2018.)
Savage Steeds - Markers Savage Steeds - Markers
Horses, horses, and not-quite-horses, from Pinnacle Entertainment Group, available as flats and 2-siders. This has an assortment of mundane riding horses, armored warhorses, and stranger things such as undead horses, cyber-horses, nightmares, and a unicorn. (Link Fixed 29 Mar 2018.)
Savage Steeds - Creator Savage Steeds - Creator
An experiment in using layers in Adobe Acrobat to customize a single figure flat, this allows you to pick and choose features for your own 2-sider or top-down figure flat, for your very own armored zombie-clockwork-cyborg-uni-nightmare of DOOM ... or assorted other vaguely equine types. (Link Fixed 29 Mar 2018.)
Modern Vehicle Markers #1 Modern Vehicle Markers #1
An assortment of vehicle marker "flats" to represent modern-day vehicles as a freebie from Pinnacle. Included is a Tahoe suitable for use with the Crime City scenario, among others. (Link Fixed 29 Mar 2018.)
Modern Vehicle Markers #2 Modern Vehicle Markers #2 - Distressed
I made "distressed" versions of the Modern Vehicle Markers, as they might appear after zombies have been rampaging through the parking lot, making this potentially useful for Daring Entertainment's War of the Dead or Pinnacle's Zombie Run. (Link Fixed 29 Mar 2018.)
Harvest Home: Rippers Adventure and Figure Flats Harvest Home: One-Sheet Adventure with Victorian Figure Flats
A One-Sheet Adventure for Savage Worlds on the Pinnacle site. This Halloween-themed adventure by Clint Black and John Goff is for the Victorian/supernatural "Rippers" setting, and includes several Victorian-themed figure flats and some scarecrows. (Link Fixed 29 Mar 2018.)
Daring Tales of the Space Lanes PC Figure Flats Daring Tales of the Space Lanes
Figure flats to represent pregenerated PCs for the Daring Tales of the Space Lanes adventure series from Triple Ace Games, for Savage Worlds. Male and female versions are presented for the crewmembers (since the pregen character sheets don't specify gender), and there are also chase/combat markers to represent the PCs' ship, the Blazing Star. (Link Updated 29 Mar 2018.)
Slipstream - Ship Markers Slipstream Ship Markers
Flat markers to represent rocketships, asteroids and ice chunks for the Slipstream RPG (Savage Worlds). (Updated 29 Mar 2018.)
Wonderland No More - Figure Flats Wonderland No More - Figure Flats
A free tri-fold figure-flat sampler for Wonderland No More, with the "Figure Factory" feature so you can customize the page. (Updated 29 Mar 2018.)
Goth Girl Zombie Everybody Loves Zombies!
A selection of free tri-fold flats of modern zombies, in a hotel of doom, as a sample of figure flats from Pinnacle. I got some help from some of my friends (and relatives) to pose as some of these zombies. (Updated 29 Mar 2018.)
Wizards & Warriors Fantasy Bundle Wizards & Warriors Fantasy Bundle: The Tomb of Terrors
ZIP file with "Wizards & Warriors" fantasy resource for Savage Worlds, plus the "Tomb of Terrors" one-sheet adventure. The bundle includes one sheet of figure flats for use with the adventure (zombies, bone golem, necromancer, adventurers). (Updated 10 Jul 2012.)
Crime City Figure Flats Crime City (Modern) Free Figure Flats #1: The Moscow Connection
Free modern-era figure flats drawn for use with The Moscow Connection, a "One-Sheet" adventure in the "Crime City" setting for use with Savage Worlds, on the Pinnacle web site. Includes some "Russian mafia" characters for the pre-gen PCs, "Red Hand" terrorists, armed dock workers, security guards, and a hostage. (Updated 10 Jul 2012.)
Crime City Figure Flats 2 Crime City (Modern) Free Figure Flats #2: The Good, the Bad, and the Even Worse
Another page of modern-era figure flats portraying an assortment of gangers, robbers, punks, police, and bystanders. (Updated 10 Jul 2012.)
Pulp Figure Flats: The Eye of Kilquato The Eye of Kilquato (Pulp) Free Figure Flats
Figure flats for the free Eye of Kilquato pulp adventure for Savage Worlds; these go with the included map tiles. Now also available in Polish, courtesy of Wydawnictwo Gramel (Gramel Publishing). (Updated 29 Mar 2018.)
Daring Tales of Adventure Pulp Figure Flats Daring Tales of Adventure (Pulp) Free Figure Flats
Early 20th-century figures for Daring Tales of Adventure and other pulp settings, from Triple Ace Games. Includes some Nazi storm troopers, brown shirts, a mad scientist, and a couple of innocent bystanders (a secretary and a jazz musician). (Added 14 Jul 2008.)
Sundered Skies Figure Flats Sundered Skies Free Figure Flats
An odd assortment of free figures for the Sundered Skies setting, put out by Triple Ace Games. I drew more figures than were originally requested for the game, so they put some of the extras into a free download on the site. (If you'd like, you can order a PDF containing 55 color figure flats for Sundered Skies, drawn by yours truly, from the Triple Ace Games site.) (Added 19 Jun 2008.)
More Sundered Skies Figure Flats MORE Sundered Skies Free Figure Flats
An odd assortment of free figures for the Sundered Skies setting, put out by Triple Ace Games. Contains an alternate "barnacle ape," a fire elemental, some corrupted (undead-ish) soldiers, and some evil knight types. (Added 16 Jul 2008.)
Sundered Skies Dragons MORE Sundered Skies Free Figure Flats: Dragon Models
A free dragon paper model in an assortment of colors, for the Sundered Skies setting.


Other Items of Potential Interest

The following are external links to online stores selling some of the figure flats sets that I've put together. Unless stated otherwise, all of the following sets use the "tri-fold" format that's been adopted as a standard for Savage Worlds. (Sorry, no freebies past this point, but I'm including the links just in case there's interest. I don't get a cut of any of the flats sets sold at any of the storefronts linked to below ... but, hey, maybe if they sell well, I'll be asked to draw more.)
The Paper Dead: Zombie Figures The Paper Dead (store)
A set of tri-fold flats representing zombies, survivors, animals, vehicles and a few other details for use with The War of the Dead adventure series from Daring Entertainment. (Link Fixed 29 Mar 2018.)
RunePunk Paper Figures RunePunk Paper Figures (store)
Steampunk/fantasy figures for RunePunk setting from Reality Blurs -- about 80 distinct figures, plus slight variants of common combatants for larger encounters. (Updated 29 Mar 2018.)
Showdown / Deadlands: Raid on Fort 51 Showdown / Deadlands: Raid on Fort 51 (store)
A Savage Showdown scenario taking place in the "Deadlands" setting, including 4 pages of cowboys-and-steampunk figure flats. (Updated 29 Mar 2018.)
Gothic Adventures Cover Savage Worlds Gothic Figure Flats (store)
A set of 100+ figure flats of people, beasts, and monsters from the 16th century (and early 17th century) in a world where the supernatural is real - this particular collection focused on "The Americas" (or, more specifically, Central America and the east coast of North America). (Updated 29 Mar 2018.)
Slipstream Figure Flats #1 Slipstream Figure Flats #1 (store)
An assortment of PC archetypes, alien races, villains and creatures from the Slipstream RPG, from Pinnacle Entertainment Group, including illustrations from the rule book, plus some original artwork (by me - yay!) in tri-fold format. (Updated 29 Mar 2018.)
Age of Piracy #1: Pirates Tabletop Heroes: Age of Piracy #1 - Pirates (store)
25 pirate-themed flats (5 heroes/villains, 5 female pirates, 10 regular pirates, and 5 pirate pets -- monkey, lemur, rat, snake, and parrot). Savage Worlds statistics and backgrounds are provided by Dave Blewer. (Updated 29 Mar 2018.)
Age of Piracy #2: British Tabletop Heroes: Age of Piracy #2 - British (store)
25 British sailors and marines, circa 1800 AD: Includes 5 officers, 5 senior crew, 5 regular crew, 5 special crew, and a set of 5 redcoat marines (including a marine officer). Includes Savage Worlds statistics and backgrounds by Dave Blewer, and a 32-pdr cannon model with rules by Robin Elliott. (Updated 29 Mar 2018.)
Age of Piracy #3: Undead Tabletop Heroes: Age of Piracy #3 - Undead (store)
30 undead pirate figure flats: Skeletal pirates, zombie pirates, ghosts, "wights," cursed pets, and assorted "wild card" necromancer and undead leaders. Includes "dread cannons" and zombie catapult. Figures and models are drawn by me, with Savage Worlds statistics and backgrounds by Dave Blewer. (Link Fixed 29 Mar 2018.)
Sundered Skies Figure Flats Sundered Skies Flats (store)
55 different figure flats for use with Sundered Skies, including various peculiar monsters and races particular to the setting. (Updated 29 Mar 2018.)
Daring Tales of Adventure Pulp Figure Flats Daring Tales of Adventure (Pulp) Figure Flats (store)
25+ "pulp"-themed (1930s-1940s) figure flats for use with the Daring Tales of Adventure setting. (Updated 29 Mar 2018.)

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