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The following is a line-up of the Posse: the heroes that adventure across the Wasted West to save the world ... or their own hides, as the case may be.

'Sweet' Sue "Sweet" Sue Player: Wendy Peacock
"Sweet" Sue grew up on the rodeo circuit, right up until the bombs dropped. Now, she's all grown up, and hasn't forgotten how to fire a gun, rope a calf, or lasso varmints. She's a crack shot with a pistol, skilled with the lariat and bullwhip, and eager to find adventure in the Wasted West.
Character Portrait by Wendy Peacock
'Sweet' Sue Miniature

Blue-Feather Blue-Feather Player: Stephie
Blue-Feather is a Shamaness of the Sioux Nations who showed great ability to invoke favors from the spirits of the earth and sky, but in one of her rituals, she angered a powerful spirit which sought to bring harm to her tribe. In order to divert the spirit's anger away from her tribe, Blue-Feather was forced to leave her people and to journey in search of some way to evade the wrath of this malevolent being. Along the way, she does her best to respect the spirits of nature, even in the blighted Wasted West.
Bluefeather Miniature

Jim Player: John Cullen
Jim is a tall dark and mysterious fellow, proficient in the use of the sword, and an expert on action movies of old. His sword has a seemingly supernatural ability to slice through just about anything, and he's pretty deadly with thrown knives as well. Since his initial adventures at the Red Mesa complex, Jim has come to grips with the existence of the supernatural, and has gone on to train to become a Templar. (If nothing else, someone needs to be able to patch up the group!)
Neo-Samurai Jim Miniature

Karl Dracomortat Player: John Zielinsky
Karl Dracomortat is a vampire hunter from old Europe, who was transported to the present thanks to a curse invoked by one of the more powerful vampires that Karl was in the process of hunting. He has been traveling the Wasted West, proving himself to be a quick study on the curiosities of technology, and using his finely-honed talents at taking care of various blood-sucking fiends and other undead monsters. Although he's quite talented with the use of wooden stake and mallet, he's found that a rocket launcher can do the trick quite nicely as well.

Adventuring across the wastelands (and being dunked in radioactive goo) has taken its toll on Karl, so after defeating hordes of undead at the Wild West Museum in Cobalt, Idaho, Karl has settled down. In the nearby town of Blackbird, he serves as resident monster-hunter.

Introductory Story

Karl's Dream (occurs between sessions #10 and #11)

Karl Dracomortat Miniature

Dr. Max Grant Dr. Max Grant Player: Diosden Rodriguez
Doctor Max Grant was a researcher at the Red Mesa Research Facility, when everything started going wrong. Experiments were escaping, power was going out, monsters were teleporting out of nowhere, and the Black Hat soldiers of the Combine were shooting any scientists they could find on sight. Dr. Grant met up with the heroes and assisted them briefly in their battles against the forces of darkness, though he later split up with them while they were all trying to escape the complex. He has not been seen since.
Dr. Max Grant Miniature

Barney Gumble Player: "Otter"
Barney was a security guard at the Red Mesa Research Facility, still operating even after the bombs fell. He met up with the other adventurers when they headed into the complex to try to find the source of various monsters that were plaguing a nearby settlement. As things were going haywire in the complex, and it became increasingly obvious that some very dangerous things were being created there, Barney joined up with the heroes to put an end to the horrors at Red Mesa, and then joined up for further adventures beyond.

Alas, while Barney survived encounters with all sorts of strange monsters, he at last met his end thanks to a malfunction in a rocket launcher, caught by the blast without benefit of his combat armor at the time. He was instantly killed, and his remains were buried near the settlement of "Stonehinge" {sic} in Montana, in a pit made by a robot that had been piledriven into the ground by a giant horse-riding evil spirit. An odd artifact known to the group as the "Barney Stick" was used as his gravemarker, and Brother Joy gave the eulogy.

Barney Miniature

Brother Joy Brother Joy Player: Scott Whitmore
The son of a Southern Baptist minister, Brother Joy has embraced the Glow in a special way. He's a reasonably handsome young black man without any hair on his head, and no obvious signs that he's a mutant other than the fact that he wears the purple "flaming" robes of Joan's Schismatics of the Cult o' Doom. He's a Doomsayer -- of the good kind -- and he is on a mission to spread the Good Word of the Glow to the "Doomed" and the "Chosen" alike as he makes his way across the Wasted West. He has no need for guns, since the Glow gives him the power to hurl atomic blasts, and he has a tamed wall-crawler as his mount.
Brother Joy Miniature

Dr. Liebowitz Dr. Liebowitz Player: Henrik
Dr. Liebowitz was a scientist at the Red Mesa Research Facility, specializing in biology, when things started going haywire and experiments started escaping. He linked up with the heroes as they were exploring the complex, but, alas, was mortally wounded when he backed Leonard's pickup truck over a lit stick of dynamite.
Dr. Liebowitz Miniature

Leonard Player: Scott Whitmore
Leonard is a redneck trucker/survivalist who has a stash of moon pies and whiskey, and who is proficient with the use of a shotgun. He's also a dead-on shot with his crossbow, which he likes to beef up by duct-taping sticks of dynamite to the bolts, in order to add a little extra "punch" for dealing with large critters. Leonard is none too refined, though, and is not one to be crossed lightly. He lost his most prized possession -- his truck -- early on in his adventures at the Red Mesa complex, and then, after that, his hum-vee got blasted and then crushed in the destruction of the lair of a powerful vampire. Now, he has parted ways with the Posse, heading off in a sinister-looking semi truck he acquired after his adventure at the "Opryhouse".
Leonard Miniature

Justan Mohammed Rahan Justan Mohammed Rahan Player: Otter
Justan is a Syker, gifted with amazing mental powers ... and long life. Born in 1965, he doesn't look a day over 45, though he still looks ugly as sin. His bald and eyebrow-less head is marred by a nose that looks like it's been broken at least twice, and a nasty scar running from the right side of his forehead, down between his eyes, and across his left cheek. His forehead is marked with a tattoo that combines the Eye of Osiris with the Ankh, hinting at his Egyptian heritage.

Excerpts from Justan's Diary

Justan Mohammed Rahan

Sam Steele Player: John Boulton
Sam Steele is a member of the North-West Canadian Mounted Police, and has a distinguished record stretching back a long, long time. He has adapted to the present situation by wearing ballistic armor over his distinctive red and dark blue uniform, and his perfect smile is often covered by a gas mask ... but he's known for his powerful personality and his remarkable knack for trick shooting with a pistol. In his recent adventures, he has taken on some Wall-Crawlers in a place known as "Dead Man's Canyon", and has met up with a Doomsayer that goes by the name of Brother Joy.
Sam Steele Miniature

(No image available yet) Juan Verdecia Player: John Zielinsky
Juan Verdecia is a Mexican Army veteran turned gunslinger, on a quest to free his beloved from the clutches of a motorcycle gang with some dark connections. Juan does his best to right wrongs and fight evil, but he seems to be cursed to have bad luck and ill happenings follow him wherever he goes.

Juan's Story (Diary Excerpts)

Juan Verdecia MiniatureJuan Verdecia and Dirt Bike

Yotee Player: John Boulton
"Yotee" (alternately called "Woofie", "Wookie", "That Dumb Dog" and various unprintable names) is an extraordinarily intelligent canine that was being studied at the Red Mesa complex. It seems to be able to understand human speech, and to be capable of many amazing tricks. However, it still shows a propensity for getting into and creating trouble -- and given the short fuses of some members of the group, that could be a bad thing. He has parted ways with the group since their adventures at the "Opryhouse", and was last seen heading off with Leonard in his truck.
Yotee Miniature

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