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The following are adventure scenarios, based on notes for a Deadlands: Hell on Earth campaign held at my house. These aren't necessarily complete "modules", especially since these were designed with a pretty bizarre Posse in mind, and with an attempt at some continuity with previous adventures ... but some of the ideas might conceivably, with a bit of tweaking, give you something to work with for your own campaigns.

And, of course, this is Marshal Territory! If you're a member of the Posse, git on outta here!

Potato Attack of the Killer Potatoes A fleshing out of a background detail from the Road Warriors supplement.

Blue Light Special Blue Light Special A convention scenario based on the Wasted West source information on the S-Mart Overlord.

Hangin' Judge No Noose is Good Noose It's the return of the Hangin' Judge ... with a few twists.

Banjo Phantom o' the Opry The heroes get to show off, tell their tales and get paid for it ... but (big surprise!) trouble's a'brewin'...

Tall Tales Tall Tales The heroes face off against a Toxic Shaman and get to explore a "Wild West" museum near the border between northern Idaho and Montana.

War 'n Peace War 'n Peace The Posse is presented with a conflict that they may be able to put an end to, one way or another.

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