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I like to build things! And I especially like building game scenery from blocks made with "Castlemolds" from Hirst Arts. These are little building blocks cast from Hydrocal(r) White Gypsum Cement or other casting plasters from silicon rubber molds, and then glued together to create buildings or modular "dungeon" layouts for tabletop miniatures games. I often add little bits to this, and sculpt my own pieces and make my own molds.

Here are a few photos of some of the pieces I've made, along with some details of how I did it, in the hopes that this might give a few ideas to other dungeon-builders.
Wizard's Lab Miscellanea (last updated 25 Jan 2004)
A grab bag of project photos, including a wizard's laboratory and "Leomund's Secure Shelter".
Masters of the Tabletop Masters of the Tabletop (30 Jun 2004)
Just an odd kitbash mini-project, showing off an interesting find at the local toy liquidator store.
Cage Cage Project (last updated 25 Jan 2004)
A cage for an ongoing "torture chamber" project.
Custom Tiles Custom Tiles (last updated 26 Nov 2004)
Various custom floor tiles, in progress.

Spiral Stairs (25 Jan 2004)
A dungeon spiral staircase branching off to multiple rooms.
Toothy Dice Tower (25 Jan 2004)
A revised "dice tower" more suitable for its original intended use.
Dice Tower (12 Jan 2004)
A fieldstone tower that also serves as an aid when rolling dice at the game table.
Caverns (3 Jan 2004)
A modular cavern system using Hirst Arts Castlemolds blocks and some foam core board as a starting framework.
Gothic Graveyard Arena (18 Dec 2003)
A set of modular terrain pieces in a graveyard theme to fit on "arena"-scale fieldstone floor segments.
Abandon Hope... (14 Dec 2003)
An elaborate entrance to the Inferno, based on the arch from Mold #44, "Additional Gothic Accessories".
Raimon Facade (26 Oct 2003)
A facade for a tomb entrance, built from gothic blocks, and a custom statue piece sculpted for this project.

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