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One novel feature of Advanced HeroQuest is that it comes with a set of die-cut cardboard "floor tiles" - including corridors and corner pieces that "puzzle-lock" together to minimize shifting around on the table during normal play.

Seeing that the game is no longer in print, and cardboard can suffer greatly from wear, I decided to try making some templates for additional floor tiles - some plain black and white templates that you can print off and color in yourself, or color directly on your computer. I've also included some colored versions of these templates, meant to suggest some ivy-choked ruin, with the help of Painter Classic - though at 72dpi instead of 300dpi, so as to keep the file sizes down.

You can print these off of a printer, glue them onto light cardboard or mat board, then cut them out with a sharp hobby knife. (Some trimming may be necessary to get the "puzzle locks" to fit quite right. There's a definite advantage to making these things originally via a die-cut process.)

For further expansion, I have a number of additional floor tiles (though not in the AHQ "puzzle-lock" mode) on my Map Tiles Page.

Wooden Dungeon Door Wooden Dungeon Doors
A sheet of paper model dungeon doors you can cut out and fold over to represent doors with these floor tiles. (They're made to either be folded over "prism" or "inverted T" style.)
AHQ Large Room Advanced HeroQuest Plain Floor Tiles
Black and white hand-drawn images of replacement interlocking puzzle floor tiles for use with Advanced HeroQuest or other fantasy RPGs, in the peculiar scale (not quite 1"=5m) of the game. These require a bit more work to use, since cutting out the "puzzle lock" sections (especially if matted on cardboard) can be tricky. (Advanced HeroQuest is a trademark of Games Workshop UK.)
AHQ Round Rooms - Ivy Ruin Advanced HeroQuest Ivy Ruin Floor Tiles
Colored versions of the hand-drawn floor tiles above, depicting an ivy-choked ruin, for use with Advanced HeroQuest or other fantasy RPGs. (Advanced HeroQuest is a trademark of Games Workshop UK.)

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