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Celestial Banner The following are additional (unofficial) spell lists to cover the rest of the Colleges of Magic beyond just the Bright College, and some other spheres of magic as well -- including spell lists used by monsters and forces of Chaos.

Wizard characters can choose from any of these spell colleges, in addition to the official spell lists published in Advanced HeroQuest and its supplements. Fire Wizards of the Bright College are detailed in the basic AHQ boxed set. Priests of the Light College are detailed in the Terror in the Dark supplement. Mentalists of the Amethyst College and Druids of the Jade College are detailed in issues of White Dwarf.

Many of these spells are based off of their counterparts in 4th Edition Warhammer Fantasy Battle.

Runes Runes of the various fields of magic
Amber Shamans, masters of the wild
Amethyst Mysterious mentalists
Celestial The power of the heavens
Gold The power of alchemy
Grey Weather wizards
Jade Druids' expanded spell book
High Magic The magic of the High Elves
Ice Magic Winter wizards of Kislev
Blessings Warrior-Priests of Sigmar
Spell Costs Prices for spells and components
Waaagh! Orc and Goblin Shamans and spells
Dark Magic Necromancy and other nastiness
Grey Seer Skaven sorcerers of Clan Skryre
Nurgle Boons of the plague god
Slaanesh Boons of the wicked pleasure god
Tzeentch Boons of the god of sorcery
Tzeentch Chart "Random" spell chart
Conjurer Conjurers of Araby - a spell list created for "The Tomb of Abubachar"

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