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Monster Statistics


Here is an assortment of Monster Reference Sheets, created in an attempt to assign statistics to various Warhammer Fantasy creatures that I happen to have miniatures for - plus a few special creatures invented for specific adventures. Some of these duplicate those found in Advanced HeroQuest and supplements, but with subtle changes. (Sometimes, this was because through my playing, I decided to adjust the statistics to my liking ... or else I just couldn't find the appropriate article that had the official statistics, and had to try to guess at my own, drawing inspiration from such games as Warhammer Fantasy Battle.)

Also included are special rules that apply to some of these new monster types. It should be noted that "Monster" here is used in the most loose game sense, since this section may also cover friendly creatures and NPCs.

Cavalry Special rules for Cavalry models
Beasts (Relatively) mundane creatures
Beastmen Hybrids of man and beast
Chaos Dwarves Short but deadly warriors
Dark Elves Stealthy servants of Chaos
Khorne Chaos minions of Khorne
Mythic Beasts Legendary creatures
Nurgle Chaos minions of Nurgle
Slaanesh Chaos minions of Slaanesh
Tzeentch Chaos minions of Tzeentch
Undead Skeletons, zombies and more
Undead 2 More powerful Undead

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