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There are several items listed on the Price List that are not found in any of the official Advanced HeroQuest material. These items are only added as house rules, and many of them are of limited use outside of the house rules introduced on this site.

This is a set of finely crafted tools useful for dealing with such mechanisms as traps and locks, provided that the user already has some proficiency in the appropriate area. If the user already has a bonus to Avoid/Disarm Traps (such as a Dwarf or
Rogue), then these tools confer an additional +1 bonus to Disarm Traps only. (It doesn't increase the chance of merely avoiding them.)

If used by a Rogue, these tools reduce a Pick Locks roll by -1, increasing the chance of successfully picking a lock. (A natural roll of 12, however, will still be a failure.)

Lanterns provide light, which is not a concern for standard games of Advanced HeroQuest, but rather for the house rules listed on this site. When a lantern is purchased, it has sufficient oil to last for an entire expedition. Additional oil can be purchased to refill the lantern for subsequent expeditions. A lantern is sufficient to light an entire room section or passage, and all adjacent room sections or passages (so long as open doors or windows connect them).

A lantern requires one hand to carry, but can be conveniently set down in the middle of battle or picked up again as the need arises. A lantern can be extinguished (if desired) as an attack or move action. It takes one turn to ignite a lantern again.

A flask of lantern oil can be lit and thrown as a projectile weapon. (The oil already in the lantern cannot be used thus.) This takes an entire turn, and the attack has a maximum range of 3 squares, and inflicts 3 damage dice of injury. A successful hit will instantly destroy a Mummy.

Torches provide light in the same way as a lantern. Each torch is sufficient to last for the entirety of an expedition, after which it is burnt out and useless. A torch can be lit from any open flame source, or else a Hero or Henchman may spend one turn to attempt to light a torch, by rolling under his Intelligence. In the case of failure, he may still try again. A torch can be extinguished as a single attack or move action. Wood Elves, Bright Wizards and Hunters may subtract 2 from the roll, though a natural 12 always fails.

A torch requires one hand to carry. In the case of battle, if the hand must be freed (to use a shield or two-handed weapon), the torch will go out when it is put down. (Dungeon floors are often damp and musty.) A torch may be used as a hand weapon (fumble on 1, no critical), inflicting 1 damage die of injury on a successful hit. A successful hit will instantly destroy a Mummy.

A locked treasure chest (and matching key) allows the Hero some measure of security in keeping wealth and extra equipment in his Lodgings. A single treasure chest may contain no more than 1000 GCs. (Weapons, Potions and Magic Items take up 100 GCs worth of space.) If the "Robbery!" event should come up during Random Events, roll a 12-sided die. On a roll of 4 or more, the thieves were unable to pick the chest and left anything inside it alone. On a roll of 1, not only did they steal the contents, but made off with the chest as well.

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