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Map of the Old World In 2000 and 2001, I ran some one-shot Advanced HeroQuest scenarios for Necronomicon, a yearly science-fiction/fantasy convention run in Tampa, Florida every October. I ran "The Manor of Asmodine" in 2000, and the other scenarios were run in 2001. This adventure section, alas, isn't entirely finished. There are enough notes for the "Manor of Asmodine" and the "Celestial Tower" to get by, but "Advanced MonsterQuest" needs some more polishing up before I'm quite ready to list it as a sample module. (In particular, the rules for the Necromancer were particularly imbalanced.) In the meantime, I hope you find some ideas that might be useful in running your own Advanced HeroQuest adventures.

The Manor of Asmodine The heroes fight Orcs and Goblins in a mad wizard's manor.
Castle of Dread The heroes attempt to lift a curse from a blighted fortress. (Unfinished)
The Celestial Tower The heroes face magical challenges to claim a seer's legacy.
Advanced MonsterQuest In a twist, valiant Monsters defend the dungeon from pesky Heroes! (Unfinished)

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