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  Medium Outsider (Chaotic, Extraplanar, Evil, Demon)
Hit Dice: 6d8+6 (33 hp)
Initiative: +1 (Agy)
Speed: 30 ft. (6 squares), fly 50 ft. (average)
Armor Class: 20 (+1 Agy, +5 natural, +4 fel studded leather), touch 11, flat-footed 19
Base Attack/Grapple: +6/+7
Attack: Claws +7 melee (1d6+1) or lash +9/+4 melee (1d6+3 + 1d6 fel damage)
Full Attack: 2 claws +7 melee (1d6+1) or lash +9/+4 melee (1d6+3 + 1d6 fel damage)
Space/Reach: 5 ft./5 ft.
Special Attacks: Energy drain, spell-like abilities
Special Qualities: Demonic traits, lesser invisibility
Saves: Fort +6, Ref +6, Will +7
Abilities: Str 13, Agy 13, Sta 13, Int 16, Spt 14, Cha 26
Skills: Bluff +19, Concentration +10, Diplomacy +12, Disguise +17* (+19 acting), Escape Artist +10, Intimidate +19, Knowledge (any one) +12, Listen +19, Search +12, Spot +19, Stealth +10, Survival +2 (+4 following tracks), Use Rope +1 (+3 with bindings)
Feats: Dodge, Mobility, Persuasive
Environment: Twisting Nether
Organization: Solitary
Challenge Rating: 7
Treasure: Standard
Alignment: Chaotic evil
Advancement: 7-12 HD (Medium)
Level Adjustment: +6

Succubus Succubi are humanoid in appearance, having features that suggest a cross between a human and a night elf female - with prominently pointed ears and expressive glowing eyes. They sport horns, bat-like wings, and tails that end in sharp tapers or spaded tips, and they walk on digitigrade legs that end in cloven hooves. Their skin colors vary widely - ranging from icy white, fiery red, soft blues and purples, to more human-looking tones.

Succubi do not constitute a "race" as such. Succubi are female Nathrezim (the corrupted race of the Dreadlords) who have been relegated to a servant class. While all succubi are female Nathrezim, not all female Nathrezim are succubi - and there are ranks within the succubus class as well. The male counterpart to the succubus is the incubus - a male Nathrezim servant. Incubi have the same powers and abilities as succubi (essentially, the same game statistics), but they are not nearly as popular among warlocks and hence are less often seen on Azeroth.

In their natural form, succubi stand about 6 feet tall, and weigh about 125 pounds.

Succubi are capable combatants, but prefer to use guile to defeat their foes - or at least to get into a more strategic position. With their limited powers of illusion (and, if necessary, a bit of mundane disguise), succubi are often adept at distracting a humanoid foe and catching him off guard.

A succubus’s natural weapons, as well as any weapons it wields, are treated as chaotic-aligned and evil-aligned for the purpose of overcoming damage reduction.

Spell-Like Abilities: At will: alter self (humanoid form only, no limit on duration), charm monster (restricted to humanoids and monstrous humanoids only, DC 22), detect good, detect thoughts (DC 20), suggestion (DC 21). Caster level 12th. The save DCs are Charisma-based. (10% arcane failure chance, due to armor.)

Lesser Invisibility: At will, a succubus may invoke this special power to "obfuscate" her presence from others. This is not true invisibility; it effectively just gives her a +8 circumstance bonus to stealth checks, and a +4 circumstance bonus to disguise checks (for the purpose of avoiding notice in a crowd). This bonus is negated if the succubus takes any action that would normally draw attention to herself, such as attacking, directly talking to someone, et cetera. Anyone who has been attacked by the succubus within the 24 hours, or anyone who is specifically looking for the succubus (even if they don't realize that she is a succubus) is not affected by this power.

Skills: Succubi have a +8 racial bonus on Listen and Spot checks.
*While using her alter self ability, a succubus gains a +10 circumstance bonus on Disguise checks.

Lesser Fel Traits: Succubi inherit all traits as a lesser fel creature.

Carrying Capacity: A light load for a succubus is up to 50 pounds; a medium load, 100 pounds; and a heavy load, 150 pounds. A succubus can drag 750 pounds, but is likely to protest being subjected to such indignity.

Lash of Pain: Succubi are typically equipped with a Lash of Pain that they can summon forth from the Twisting Nether at will (as a free action), or dismiss just as easily. This is treated as an exotic light weapon (whip) that has a +2 enhancement bonus to hit and damage and, unlike a true whip, deals 1d6 damage (subdual or regular - wielder's choice), plus another 1d6 of fel damage, and is capable of harming armored targets. Like a normal whip, the lash has reach of 15', can be used against adjacent targets, and provokes attacks of opportunity when used, in the same way as a ranged weapon would. The Lash of Pain's form is tied to the Succubus: If it leaves her hand, it returns to the Nether immediately. The Lash has Hardness 10 and 20 hit points; it is unaffected by fel, fire, cold, sonic, acid or lightning damage, but can still be sundered. If it is destroyed, the Succubus cannot summon another one; this is a great dishonor and loss for a Succubus.

Fel Studded Leather: Standard equipment for a succubus is an outfit of fel studded leather (studded leather +1). This grants a total of +4 to AC, with a Maximum Agility Bonus of +5, an Arcane Failure Chance 10%, and magically weighs only 10 pounds (owing to the fact that it covers very little area). If worn by anyone of good alignment, it becomes a cursed suit of "armor" that offers no AC protection (but with all the penalties of armor), and cannot be removed unless it is destroyed, or removed via remove curse. If worn by anyone of neutral alignment, it works as normal armor (as outlined above), but grants only +3 to AC (since its +1 magic bonus is not applied) - and can be removed normally, if desired. If worn by anyone of evil alignment, it retains its full power. It takes half the amount of time to put on or remove this armor as with normal light armor (Don: 5 rounds; Don Hastily: 3 rounds; Remove: 5 rounds).

Lesser Fel Traits
The lesser fel subtype conveys the following traits (unless otherwise noted in a creature's entry).
  • Immunity to death effects, fire, necromantic effects, and poison.
  • Name Vulnerability (Ex): A lesser fel creature takes double damage from a weapon inscribed during its forging with that creature's name.
  • Blindsight (Su): Lesser fel creatures have an arcane awareness of the physical world that allows them to perceive objects and creatures within 60 feet.
  • Innate Magic (Ex): Fel creatures with levels in a spellcasting class add their outsider HD to their caster level. This does not give them additional known spells or spells per day. If a fel creature has more than one spellcasting class, it must choose one class to which this bonus applies.
  • Mortal Tongues (Su): Intelligent lesser fel creatures can speak with any creature that has a language, as though using tongues by a 14th-level arcanist. This ability is always active. (The creature, however, may choose to deliberately suppress it as a free action.)
  • See in Darkness (Su): Lesser fel creatures can see perfectly in darkness of any kind, even that created by a deeper darkness spell.
  • Spell-Like Abilities (Sp): Unless otherwise stated, fel spell-like abilities are as cast by an arcanist of a level equal to the fel creature's Hit Dice. Fel creatures with the spell-like ability to plane shift or gate can use it only for travel to and from the Twisting Nether. They cannot enter other planes, summon monsters through a gate, or use plane shift to transport others against their will.
  • Fel Vulnerability (Ex): Fel creatures are subject to all hostile effects that would normally affect creatures with the demon, outsider, or unholy sub-type.

Design Notes
The statistics presented here for a succubus are based on those in the d20 SRD, but toned down to be more in keeping with the flavor of the Warcraft games. The "lesser fel traits" reflect that the succubus in the game doesn't seem to exhibit the particularly high elemental resistance that a D&D succubus would, and also that a succubus doesn't come across as a terribly frightening creature. (Annoying sometimes, perhaps, but not frightening.) Its resistances to damage and certain of its special powers are reduced, but this is offset by greater combat ability (through the lash of pain).

Couatl - Imp - Snap Dragon - Succubus - Unicorn - Wind Serpent

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