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Wailing Caverns Foes Wailing Caverns Foes
(17 Nov 2006) An assortment of rough kitbashes of foes for an adventure set in the Wailing Caverns: some Druids of the Fang, a swarm of Lashers, and Mutanus the Devourer. The "Lashers" were just made by drilling holes in a Games Workshop plastic "monster base", inserting pieces of wire for stalks, using putty to make the "roots", and then using bits of painted paper to make the "leaf-arms" and flower "heads". Mutanus the Devourer is a Mage Knight "Deep Spawn" painted in a mostly white scheme. The Druids of the Fang are some Mage Knight elves that have had swords replaced with staves (pieces of wire), and Lady Serpentis is put together from bits from assorted different Mage Knight minis and "bitz", with a bit of putty and wire. The "cobra form" in the middle was made with a serpent head and body from a Mage Knight "Hydra", and with putty to build out the frills.
Voidwalkers Voidwalkers
(17 Nov 2006) A couple of Voidwalkers sculpted from Magic Sculp, for use in a Warcraft d20 RPG scenario based on the Ragefire Chasm instance. (Putty on wire form.)
Wailing Caverns Threshadon Wailing Caverns Threshadon
(17 Nov 2006) A kitbashed "threshadon" for a Wailing Caverns adventure (specifically for that pool you have to cross that usually has a hungry threshadon waiting in it). I wanted something cheap and quick, so I used an extra head from a Mage Knight "Hydra" and glued it to a salvaged base from some "He-Man" small-sized figures I'd gotten on clearance (to use for kitbashing). I used some putty to make an exposed "flipper" and to add some more waves, while molding the piece to a Games Workshop plastic "monster base", and also to add a "frill" to the back of the serpent head.
Tauren with Totem Tauren with Totem
(17 Nov 2006) This is an incomplete piece, but I thought I'd put up a picture of the work-inprogress. Originally, this started with a Mage Knight Troll, with some putty added to give it robes and a tauren face and ears. The "log" is from a Fisher Price "wild west" set. (I got the part from a thrift store a long time ago and thought it might be useful for something some day.) I also had to cut the arm and use some pinning and putty to reposition it to be holding the "totem" (log) over the shoulder. I plan to later on add some "tattoos" (brands?), finish painting the fur, smooth out the textures on the robes, and work on the exposed grains of the flat surfaces of the log.
Tauren Druid Nightsaber Tauren Druid Nightsaber
(17 Nov 2006) For my "Wailing Caverns" scenario, all my PCs get to take on the roles of druids (and druid hybrid classes) taking on the Druids of the Fang. That means an awful lot of Nightsabers and Storm Crows - and I wanted to try to find a way to make some of them distinct from the others. So, I took a Mage Knight "Feral Minotaur" and used a couple of Warhammer Fantasy cloaks to give him a "skirt", and some plastic sprue and Warhammer 40K bits, along with some putty, to give him a "war harness" with a couple of war totems on his back. I did the same for a Mage Knight "Weresabertooth" painted up as a nightsaber form. (Normally, your equipment blends into your form when you use Wild Shape - unless the item can still be wearable in the animal shape. I figured the "war harness" might qualify - at least for aesthetic purposes.) I still need to do some touch-up work, but I liked the general idea.
Scourge Abomination Scourge Abomination
(17 Nov 2006) Another work in progress. This was originally a mini "action figure" from a He-Man set on clearance - some guy who looks sort of like a flying monkey. (I forget the name.) Anyway, I used the main body, and replaced the arms with some Warhammer 40K Chaos Marine arms - with an extra one on the back with a hook I found. The head is also from a Chaos Marine sprue. The body was bulked up with putty, and I used assorted spare plastic sprue bits to carve out for exposed ribs. The tree was a part left over from a "parts grab-bag" I got a long time ago, so I don't really know where it's from. I have a lot of painting left to do on this one: I figure this figure will form a sort of mini-diorama that I dub "The Clumsy Abomination". (Really, I'm surprised abominations don't trip more often. Hanging entrails could get rather tangled, you know.)
Rayne the Harpy Rayne the Harpy
(17 Nov 2006) Our heroes managed to pick up another tagalong - a harpy that Gyuu the Tauren rescued during the Ragefire Chasm adventure. The PCs have tolerated her tagging along, so long as she cleans up a bit and puts on some clothes. And, no, dried "nightsoil" is NOT acceptable material for making personal adornment! This was made from a Heroclix "Tomoe" figure, with the arms replaced with a couple of wings from a Heroclix "Hawkman" figure. The hair and talons are putty, and the tunic is paper.
Phoenix Phoenix
(17 Nov 2006) The druid in our party is able to summon a "phoenix egg". Rather than having a large bird stand in as a proxy every time a phoenix pops up, I thought I'd kitbash an appropriate model. I still want to add a few more "flame effects" eventually, and decorate the base, but here's what I came up with so far, made out of wire and putty.
Molten Elemental Molten Elemental
(17 Nov 2006) An earth elemental made of putty and wire, put together for the "Ragefire Chasm" adventure. (Sure, I'd made a "small" earth elemental before, but I just don't think that would have made a suitable impression if I'd put that down on the table.)
Harpies and Wind Serpent Harpies and Wind Serpent
(17 Nov 2006) I made several harpies and wind serpents for a scenario my wife ran, set in the Barrens, wherein the PCs were ambushed by harpies (with their trained wind serpent pets) while riding a zeppelin on the way south to Dustwallow Marsh. I used a number of Heroclix "Fury" figures and D&D Miniatures "Displacer Serpents", did some pinning and wiring, and added on wings from some Heroclix "Hawkman" figures. (I got a bunch of them really cheap a while back on clearance - just so I could get a good supply of wings for conversions like these.) Over to the right is another view of "Rayne", one of the better-dressed harpies I've kitbashed.
Easy and Cloudstrider - Naga and Hippogryph Easy and Cloudstrider - Naga and Hippogryph
(17 Nov 2006) An unlikely pair as any, here's a slightly revisited version of my miniature of "Easy", a naga mercenary. (All I did this time was to add a couple of banner poles to his back, to slightly better reflect his evolving outfit.) I put Cloudstrider in the picture as well, though I haven't made any changes to that kitbash. (It just seemed appropriate at the time.)
Quilboar Warrior Quilboar Warrior
(7 Jul 2006) A boar "beastman" from the Beastmen of the Wyld set (Reaper Miniatures), painted up to use as a Quilboar. (No conversion.) The other two miniatures in this set are interesting, but are hard to fit in as Warcraft-specific creatures. (The "fox" might pass for a female worgen. The "stag"? Perhaps some sort of "spirit of Malorne".) The figure is (as of this writing) available separately via mail-order, but it's probably not a cost-effective way to build up a Quilboar raiding party.
Night Elf Druid Night Elf Druid
(7 Jul 2006) An old "Troll" from "Earthdawn", with a little putty to add the long Night Elf ears. (Especially nice about this figure was that it's just so tall compared to the average 25mm or 30mm humanoid. The "shoulder dragon" (whelp) and large decorative shoulder pads are nice touches on the original miniature as well. (I just regret that this mini isn't still in print.)
Descent Gargoyles (Giant Bats) Descent Gargoyles (Giant Bats)
(7 Jul 2006) These are some bat-like creatures from the Descent board game (from Fantasy Flight Games). I painted them up in colors inspired by the giant bats flying around Tirisfal Glades, but they would also work as gargoyles for the Plaguelands. (No conversions done to these minis.)
Descent Hell Hounds Descent Hell Hounds
(7 Jul 2006) Some "hell hounds", also from Descent, painted up in a scheme inspired by the fel hounds wandering Tirisfal Glades. (For some reason, they look a bit more blue in the photo than the minis do in person; I painted the bodies a sort of blue-grey, and the manes a purple-blue.)
World of Warcraft Board Game Green Murlocs World of Warcraft Board Game Green Murlocs
(6 Jul 2006) Plastic murloc miniatures from the World of Warcraft Board Game from Fantasy Flight Games. These are the "green" (weak) murlocs from the game, so I painted them with a primarily green color scheme, and used green flocking for the bases. (For "blues" in the game, I used a blue-grey "stone rubble" texture for bases, and for "reds" in the game, I used a rusty desert soil texture for the bases - and when possible, I tried to work the color-coding into the miniature painting scheme.)
Corrosive Slimes Corrosive Slimes
(6 Jul 2006) These were among the most fun (and among the easiest) kitbash jobs to do for miniatures for my Warcraft campaign. I just used some Magic Sculp putty to make a lumpy "blob" figure, on a Warhammer Fantasy (Games Workshop) plastic base, and inserted various "bits" - weapons from other figure sets and occasional extra arms or other body parts - to stick out of the "blob" - with a plastic skull as the "head". (Since the figure isn't translucent, the "skull" is exposed, rather than being submerged as it is in the online game.) I used little balls of putty to make "bubbles" on the surface. I also made use of some "Animated Mud" figures as the basis for some more "slime" miniatures. These are only three of about eight or so that I made (so that I could use the statistics for an Ochre Jelly and actually have enough miniatures to represent the maximum number of "blobs" it could spawn in a battle).
Giant Crocolisk and Murguls Giant Crocolisk and Murguls
(6 Jul 2006) For this, I used a plastic toy crocodile from a "Tomb Raider" action figure set (which I used in another project). Then, I used some Magic Sculp to add on an extra pair of legs to make it a six-legged "crocolisk" - and a big one at that! The "murguls" are "Deep Spawn" figures from the Mage Knight (WizKids Games) miniatures game, painted up in a "murloc" scheme. Now that I have official murloc miniatures, I use these as "murguls", given their elongated proportions by comparison.
Black Dragonspawn Black Dragonspawn
(6 Jul 2006) I made a couple of these (only one pictured) from an assortment of figures put together. First, the lower body is a "Manticore" from Mage Knight, with the wings removed (and saved for another conversion job). The upper body is the upper half of another Mage Knight figure (I forget the name), and I used some putty to join the bodies together. (I left the Manticore's head in place, painting it up as an elaborate gilded "belt" decoration.) The shoulderpads are a couple of "bitz" from Warhammer 40K (Games Workshop).
Elementals: Fire, Water, Air and Earth Elementals: Fire, Water, Air and Earth
(6 Jul 2006) Of course, I could have used any number of "elemental" miniatures already available, but I really wanted some that looked like something from the game. So, I sculpted these out of Magic Sculp, from scratch. They're scaled to be "small" elementals - the sort that a 5th level Mage (Arcanist) could summon - and I may try sculpting some larger ones later. By the way - the cavern scenery is made with some pieces of Hirst Arts blocks glued down to some foam-core illustration board, with "floor tiles" made from clay, and then plaster poured over (in multiple applications) to make the lumpy cavern wall effect - and individual "stalagmite" (and so forth) structures sculpted with more clay.
High, Night, and Blood Elves High, Night, and Blood Elves
(6 Jul 2006) I know, it's unlikely that this scene could remain peaceful for long. This is an assortment of Warcraft elves that I've kitbashed, complicated by the need to have them be very tall compared to most of the other figures. (Not that I keep very strongly to scale anyway.) The front left Night Elf is a "Syphrilia the Succubus" from Reaper Miniatures, minus the wings, and with some long ears added via putty. (Actually, all of these have the long ears added with some putty.) The central Night Elf is a conglomerate of pieces from several figures - a couple of Mage Knight figures making the upper torso and lower dress, a plastic "braid" cut off of another figure conversion, a "staff" (the crescent moon carved out of a spare piece of plastic), and a "cape" from a Warhammer Fantasy army set. The rightmost Night Elf is an "Indie HeroClix" figure converted with a cloak and ear job. The central "High Elf Priest" is a Mage Knight figure with a Warhammer Fantasy cloak, shoulderpads converted from some Warhammer 40K bits, and the unicorn staff head added from a Warhammer Fantasy knight's helm piece. The left Blood Elf was originally a Ral Partha Shadowrun miniature bulked up (via putty) to look taller, and the right Blood Elf is an old Heartbreaker Hobbies fantasy figure.
Gnoll Adventuring Party Gnoll Adventuring Party
(6 Jul 2006) The two rear Gnolls aren't converted at all; they're just a couple of Reaper Miniatures figures: Gnarr and Krokuta. The Gnoll in the foreground, meant to be a Gnoll spellcaster, is a conversion of an old Heartbreaker Hobbies "dark elf" figure. (As typical for anything sculpted by Tim Prow in that time period, it never looked much like an elf to start with.) I used putty to add the big paws, hunched gnoll head, and cowl. The wagon in the background was made by taking careful screen shots of textures of the "gypsy wagons" that appear in different parts of the game (such as outside Ironforge, or at the Darkmoon Faire), adjusting them in PhotoShop, and them printing them off to scale and affixing them to cut-out pieces of foam-core illustration board. The foresty scenery is salvaged from a plastic "bike park" toy set, with putty (and lots of Bondo) applied to smooth out a few of the surfaces, and the whole thing hot-glued down to some squares of insulation board as bases. (The terrain pieces are reversible; there's a modular cave/mine on the flip side, carved out of the foam.) The two "pet crocolisks" are custom (rush) jobs, made from blobs of Magic Sculp. The Bog Beast sneaking up in the background is a Mage Knight "Troll Brawler" with lots and lots of strings of putty draped on it to make it a vine-covered leafy mess.
Horde Orcs and Trolls Horde Orcs and Trolls
(6 Jul 2006) Assorted kitbashed orcs and trolls. At front-left, the "troll witch doctor" is an old Heartbreaker Hobbies (Tim Prow) "elf" that has been decorated with a thin cardboard "voodoo mask" and a couple of putty tusks. The female orc warrioress (middle front) is a Mage Knight "leech medic" miniature painted with green skin and big teeth. The male orc brawler (right front) is a Mage Knight "troll brawler" that has a Games Workshop Warhammer Fantasy plastic orc head replacing the original horned "troll" head. The female troll (middle) is a Mage Knight figure (I forget the name) with a Warhammer Fantasy Regiments plastic elf head (with cowl) in place of its original head, and some putty to extend the cowl and add a shirt (and chest). The troll tinker (rear) is a D&D Miniatures orc with putty applied to give it a big troll nose (perhaps too big), ears and pronounced brows; the tusks are plastic horns from a Bretonnian knight's helm (Warhammer Fantasy Battle), and the wrench was made with some carved sprue plastic.
Tauren Warrior and Huntress Tauren Warrior and Huntress
(6 Jul 2006) A couple of custom conversions for players in my Warcraft campaign. On the left is a male tauren warrior - Gyuu - converted from an old Heartbreaker Hobbies Warzone Nepharite of Algeroth, with a head from a plastic Games Workshop Warhammer Fantasy Minotaur. The totem is made from a plastic bead, topped with a "bird" headdress from a Bretonnian knight's helm (Warhammer Fantasy Battle), with assorted decorative heads from Warhammer 40K (using some wire pinning to hold the whole thing together), and finally some putty to add details (such as the hooves and the monocle). The female tauren huntress, Terra, was based off of a large demoness figure I was given with an assortment of figures - so I have no idea what manufacturer it's from. I added a plastic cloak from Warhammer Fantasy Battle, and used putty to make the tauren head and mane, and to add other minor details.
Naga Warrior, Goblin Priest, Harpy Rogue Naga Warrior, Goblin Priest, Harpy Rogue
(6 Jul 2006) Custom miniatures conversions of non-aligned heroes - for my campaign and for a one-shot demo game at Necronomicon 2005. The red naga warrior (who sports a four-armed mutation - rare for males) is from a Mage Knight figure, with the coil sculpted from putty - and using a lot of wires to make the fins. (Ouch! I've poked my fingers on it many times.) The blue harpy rogue is from an Indy HeroClix miniature, with "wings" from a "Masters of the Universe" figure (cut apart for conversions), and some putty to make the big harpy feet. The goblin priest is a conversion of a D&D Miniatures spellcaster figure, with some putty to give him a goblin head, wide-brimmed hat, glasses, and beard.
Barrens Beasts Barrens Beasts
(6 Jul 2006) An assortment of plastic "jungle animal" toys on Warhammer Fantasy cavalry bases, in various states of conversion. (I added horns to the zebras for Zhevras, added horns to the giraffes for Barrens giraffes, painted one lion white and one lion black for a couple of special Barrens lions, and added hunchbacks to the hyenas. I haven't done much else yet; the gazelles need two extra horns each. Still, it's a fast, cheap way to expand my miniatures collection.)
Centaur Warrioresses Centaur Warrioresses
(6 Jul 2006) A couple of centaur conversions, using HeroClix miniatures (a "Medusa" on the left, a "Dervish" on the right), a couple of old (smaller scale) metal horse miniatures, and some putty to make it all fit.
Female Gnome Mage Female Gnome Mage
(6 Jul 2006) A female gnome mage (arcanist). The bottom half was from a "Crystal Sprite" figure (with some putty to add a more conservative dress), the upper half was from a "Healer" figure, and the head was from a "Sorceress" figure - all from Mage Knight.
World of Warcraft Board Game Moonkin World of Warcraft Board Game Moonkin
(6 Jul 2006) A few of the moonkin figures that I painted up from my copy of the World of Warcraft Board Game. The "greens" were painted in a basic brown moonkin scheme. The "reds" were painted up like the black and red Savage Owlbeasts of the Hinterlands. The "blues" were done in arctic tones.
Theramore Guards vs. Kobolds Theramore Guards vs. Kobolds
(6 Jul 2006) Theramore Guards (represented by plastic Chaos Knights from Milton Bradley's "HeroQuest") versus a bunch of Kobolds (plastic Skaven from "Advanced HeroQuest", with putty candles on their heads). The Theramore Guards' plumes are from a Warhammer 40K "Dark Eldar" sprue; they also required trimming off the horns that would otherwise be on the Chaos Knights' helmets.
Hippogryph, Worgen, Nerubian and Pandaren Hippogryph, Worgen, Nerubian and Pandaren
(6 Jul 2006) The Hippogryph the front end of a Mage Knight Dark Riders gryphon, with the back end of a Mage Knight Dark Riders Elk, some antlers made from putty, and tail streamers of heavy paper stock. The Worgen is a Ral Partha "Werewolf: the Apocalypse" miniature with a spare arm salvaged from a Warhammer 40K "bitz" collection. (I got the miniature in a grab bag collection, and it was missing the original arm.) Putty was added to preserve the Worgen's modesty via a loincloth. The Nerubian is a Reaper Miniatures spider, with a Mage Knight elf warrior of some sort for the upper torso, and then the spider's head (which had been trimmed off to make room for the torso) put back on top, and some putty to make the cowl, the claws, and to make it all fit together. The Pandaren is an oriental-themed miniature I got as part of a grab bag (so I don't know where it's originally from - some historical line), but with some putty to give it a panda head, and a plastic keg (also from a grab bag) added for base decoration. The "tiny knight" is a Warhammer Fantasy "familiar" - serving either as a tinker's automaton companion, or perhaps a gnomish warrior. Plus, there's somebody's pet hawk (from a Reaper Miniatures "familiars" pack).

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