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Maps and floor tiles put together from screenshots from the online World of Warcraft game. Unless specified otherwise, individual images are made to be printed off as 8"x10" images, at 72 dpi, in color; there may be some overlapping when assembling pieces. They are scaled to be usable with miniatures - unless specified otherwise, 1" represents 5 feet in-game (though, true to the online game, some scales may not be terribly realistic).

If you'd like to find some more floor tiles which may be of use for your World of Warcraft RPG sessions, I have an assortment for other fantasy games in my tiles section.

Goblin Zeppelin

Goblin zeppelins roam the skies, docking at zeppelin towers in Orgrimmar, Lordaeron, Grom'gol, and other places where the goblins have a presence. They provide a means of traversing the oceans - or the long way across the continents - at a fraction of the time required by land travel, and without the frequent stops necessary for a long trek by gryphon or wyvern.

These are images zipped together with help from the WoW Model Viewer, presenting the zeppelin in three layers, with a few added features (cots and a table) put in for detail. The ship has no proper "cabin" for the captain or crew; I assume that, given the nature of goblin technology, the captain and mechanic (assuming they're not the same person) have to stay with the engine on the deck. The huge air-filled envelope provides a rain shield, so no "tent" is necessary. (Besides, it'd probably just get torn off and sucked into the propeller.) The "dead space" to the fore of the belowdecks passenger and cargo area might house the ship's fuel supply and stocks (dispensed through the wonders of goblin technological ingenuity).

The envelope (top of the blimp) map piece is at a different scale: 1" = 10 feet (instead of the normal 1" = 5 feet).


Deck 1A - Left Wing
Deck Part 1A - Left Wing
Deck 2A - Aft
Deck Part 2A - Aft
Deck 2B - Mid
Deck Part 2B - Mid
Deck 2C - Fore
Deck Part 2C - Fore
Deck 3A - Right Wing
Deck Part 3A - Right Wing

Lower Deck

Lower Deck A - Aft
Lower Deck Part A - Aft
Lower Deck B - Fore
Lower Deck Part B - Fore

Top (Envelope)

Top A - Aft
Top (Envelope) Part A - Aft
Top B - Fore
Top (Envelope) Part B - Fore

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