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Scholar - Soldier - Woodsman

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Hit Die: d10.
Class Skills: Choose any 8 from Appraise (Int), Bluff (Cha), Climb (Str), Concentration (Sta), Craft (Int), Diplomacy (Cha), Gather Information (Cha), Handle Animal (Cha), Heal (Spt), Intimidate (Cha), Jump (Str), Knowledge (heraldry, history, local, military tactics) (Int), Listen (Spt), Profession (Spt), Ride (Agy), Search (Int), Sense Motive (Spt), Spot (Spt), Stealth (Agy), Survival (Spt), Swim (Str), Use Rope (Agy)
Skill Points at 1st Level: (4 + Int modifier) x 4.
Skill Points at Each Additional Level: 4 + Int modifier.


Class Level Base Attack Bonus Fort Save Ref Save Will Save
1st +1 +2 +0 +0
2nd +2 +3 +0 +0
3rd +3 +3 +1 +1
4th +4 +4 +1 +1
5th +5 +4 +1 +1
6th +6/+1 +5 +2 +2
7th +7/+2 +5 +2 +2
8th +8/+3 +6 +2 +2
9th +9/+4 +6 +3 +3
10th +10/+5 +7 +3 +3
11th +11/+6/+1 +7 +3 +3
12th +12/+7/+2 +8 +4 +4
13th +13/+8/+3 +8 +4 +4
14th +14/+9/+4 +9 +4 +4
15th +15/+10/+5 +9 +5 +5
16th +16/+11/+6/+1 +10 +5 +5
17th +17/+12/+7/+2 +10 +5 +5
18th +18/+13/+8/+3 +11 +6 +6
19th +19/+14/+9/+4 +11 +6 +6
20th +20/+15/+10/+5 +12 +6 +6

Class Features
Weapon and Armor Proficiency: A soldier is proficient with all simple and martial weapons, and with all armor (heavy, medium and light) and shields (including tower shields).

Warrior Sub-Class: Any character who has warrior (or fighter, for D&D classes) as a favored class may take levels in this class as if it were a favored class as well. (Levels in this class do not count when determining experience penalties for cross-classing, in that case.)

Design Notes
The soldier is based off of the warrior, sacrificing Bonus Feats for greater skill points per level (4 vs. 2), and a broader selection of skills. The “soldier” is intended to represent anything from a mercenary used to bargaining for his wages, to a warlord who must exercise some diplomacy with his allies and enemies. It represents the combatant who may not be the “best warrior around” in terms of raw combat feats, but who has the savvy to pick up useful non-combat skills that could help his career or his cause.

Scholar - Soldier - Woodsman

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