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Deadlands: Weird Wars Timeline


Bold items are official events from Deadlands sourcebooks, some of which were drawn from the Timeline o' Doom developed by David Heth. Some items are based on events hinted at in Hell on Earth supplements, but for which a specific date is never given.

Italic items are events made up by myself (or ripped off from other works of fiction) in order to try to fit things into the Deadlands universe.

Other items are based upon actual historic events, though accuracy is not guaranteed, and references to the United States are replaced with the "USA" or "CSA", depending upon whether the event seems to be more relevant to the North or South, respectively.

Year Noteworthy Events
1822 Tomb of Aye discovered in Egypt
1859 Construction of Suez Canal begun
1860 South Carolina is first state to secede from Union.
1861 Fort Sumter attacked; start of American Civil War
1863 (July 3) The Reckoning (Deadlands, p. 7)
1865 (April 9) CSA President President Davis ends slavery in the South (Back East: the South, p. 11)
1868 Great Quake shatters the California coast, creating the Great Maze
1869 Suez Canal completed in Egypt
1870 Dr. Hellstromme invents (and starts manufacturing) the steam wagon (City of Gloom, p. 14, 36)
1872 Founding of the Sioux Nations (Ghost Dancers, p. 11; Deadlands, p. 11)
1874 Founding of Coyote Confederation (Ghost Dancers, p. 11; Tales of Terror, p. 29)
1875 Egypt sells largest share of Suez Canal to United Kingdom to cover national debts
1880 The Great Summoning renders technology useless in Sioux Nations (Spirit Warriors, p. 11 -- official exact year unknown)
1882 British troops occupy Egypt, though it remains nominally under Turkish rule
1889 End of American Civil War; the South wins (The Junkman Cometh, p. 11)
1895 Great Wasting leads Coyote Confederation to join CSA as a territory (Spirit Warriors, p. 15 -- official exact year unknown)
1910 (November) Francisco Madero starts Mexican Revolution; mass emigrations to CSA

(exact official date unknown) Rev. Grimme dies. Church of Lost Angels reforms. City of Lost Angels becomes Los Angeles

1911 Chinese revolution begins
1912 (April) Titanic sinks

Arizona and New Mexico become states in the CSA

1913 Sixteenth Amendment - Federal Income Tax
1914 (June) Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand assassinated

World War I begins

Egypt becomes protectorate of Britain

1916 (August) Battle of the Somme (The British first use tanks in battle)

Wilson reelected president

1917 Czar Nicholas of Russia abdicates; revolution begins

USA and CSA declare war on Austria-Hungary

1918 (November 11) Armistice signed; end of World War I
1919 Eighteenth Amendment - Prohibition Begins in USA
1920 Nineteenth Amendment (Women's Suffrage) is passed

Warren Harding elected president

Pancho Villa makes peace with Mexican President Adolfo de la Huerta

Mexican Revolution ends

1921 Adolf Hitler's Stormtroopers terrorize political opponents in Germany

Eliot Ness investigates crime -- and occult -- activities of the Mob (The Last Crusade, p. 49)

1922 USSR formed

(February 28) Britain recognizes Egypt's independence

Benito Mussolini forms fascist state in Italy

(November) King Tutankhamen's tomb discovered

1923 President Harding dies; replaced by Calvin Coolidge
1924 Calvin Coolidge elected president

Alphonse Capone uses violence to influence elections in Cicero, Illinois

Frank Capone killed by police

Sgt. York becomes teacher at the Confederate Syker Academy (The Last Crusade, p. 49)

1925 Hitler publishes Mein Kampf
1926 Fascist youth organizations formed in Italy and Germany
1927 Stalin becomes Soviet dictator
1928 Herbert Hoover elected president
1929 Great Depression begins (Black Thursday)

Valentine's Day Massacre

Eliot Ness assigned to catch Capone

1932 FDR becomes president of USA
1933 Hitler and Nazis come to power in Germany

First concentration camps erected in Germany

Twenty-First Amendment repeals Prohibition

1934 "Dust Bowl" - severe dust storms hit plains states
1936 FDR reelected president of USA

Spanish Civil War begins

Hitler and Mussolini form Rome-Berlin Axis

Britain withdraws troops from Egypt except in Suez Canal region

1937 (May 6th) The Hindenburg Disaster over Lakehurst, NJ
1938 (October - Halloween) Orson Welles' "War of the Worlds" broadcast
1939 Germany takes over Czechoslavakia and invades Poland

World War II begins

1940 FDR reelected president
1941 (December 7) Both USA and CSA enter into World War II after Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor (December 7th)
1942 USA interns more than 100,000 Nisei (Japanese Americans) in concentration camps
1944 FDR reelected president
1945 (April) FDR dies

Mussolini killed

Hitler commits suicide

USA drops atomic bomb on Hiroshima; Japan surrenders

End of World War II

1948 Mad science falls into disfavor (The Junkman Cometh, p. 13)

Supernatural activity decreases, and continues to do so for next 40 years (Cyborgs, p. 8)

1953 Egyptian monarchy ends; becomes republic
1960 Annabelle Lee Devlin publishes "How to Serve Your Man" (Wasted West, p. 103)
1962 Smith and Robards bought out by Hellstromme Industries (The Junkman Cometh, p. 13)
1988 Resurgence in supernatural activity (various)


This is an attempt at a timeline to fill in the gaps of the 20th century -- the era between the "Weird West" and the "Wasted West" -- with a particular focus on the early 20th century period around World Wars I and II. Precedents set by official Deadlands source material are included, but whenever possible, references to actual history have been made ... or, at the very least, "actual" legends.

Please note that in the Deadlands universe, the once "United" States has been divided into the North and South (the United States of America and the Confederate States of America, respectively) ever since the American Civil War. Despite this, the North and South somehow manage to put aside their differences long enough to fight as allies in World Wars I and II, and generally fill the role of the USA from our own true history in such a way that the major events of this period still miraculously play out as they would in ours.

However, that complicates any historical events that directly apply to the United States. For instance, I'm deciding that in the Depression era, FDR is president of the North, while LBJ (in our own world put on the ticket to get Southern votes, among other things) in this universe is president of the South. Since I am no historian -- and hopefully I can skirt over such messy issues by having my adventures take place elsewhere -- I'm not addressing the obvious and not-so-obvious ramifications of such major changes to the course of American history. I'm just trying to come up with basic information a Marshal should know (such as, "Who is the President?") in any plot with international implications. (Hopefully, it won't be quite as important to know who the Vice President is.)

Also, please note that my "historical research" here is very sloppy at this point, and these years may be quite off. Don't consider this an educational reference by any means!

For some references on what life was like back in the early 20th Century, this offers a nice look into the 1920s:
The 1920s: Society

And here's a page on slang in the Jazz Age. Please note that "slang" includes some foul language, as demonstrated on this site.

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