"Inhuman Heroes" - Not-Quite-Human Hero Types
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Some Deadlands: Weird Wars House Rules

  by T. Jordan "Greywolf" Peacock


Not all heroes in the period of the Weird Wars are entirely human, though they have at least that small spark of humanity required to separate themselves from the creatures of the darkness. The following are rules for some not-quite-human hero types, invented to accommodate exotic hero requests on the parts of my players. By and large, they're purchased as Edges, but they tend to have a whole host of advantages - and disadvantages - that come along as part of the bargain.

It may be possible to argue that the powers gained are pretty mild compared to certain Arcane Backgrounds, but for more cost. First off, exotic backgrounds should stay exotic; if this were too good of a deal, then everyone would be encouraged to play "super human" types, and we'd have few "normal" heroes left in the Posse. Second, please note that most powers of Arcane Backgrounds come with drawbacks in the form of backlash in some form or another. The powers listed here, however, are more or less inherent.

Your mileage may vary, but here are the backgrounds I've written up so far. As I get a chance to actually playtest them, I reserve the right to make changes, in case they prove to be unplayable and/or overpowered. For now, this is mainly meant to serve as a reference for my players who have chosen to play such exotic hero types.

Dhampir   Caught between the living and the unliving, the Dhampir is a rare creature indeed - the product of an unholy union between a vampire father and mortal mother, and quite likely rendered an orphan out of the bargain. Dhampir possess some of the abilities - and hindrances - of vampires, and walk a dangerous line, for if they succumb to the blood hunger of their vampiric side, they risk becoming monsters beyond hope of redemption.

Frankenmobster   A translation of a character type from the "Nocturne" video game by Terminal Reality: a "Frankenstein's Monster" sort of reanimated character.

Kitsune  True Kitsune are shape-shifters from the Orient: fox-like creatures capable of taking on the forms of humans, and using powers of illusion to prey - like vampires - upon the life-forces of mortals. The Kitsune hero, however, is not a true Kitsune, but a half-breed, one descended from a family with traces of Kitsune blood fouling its lineage, and surfacing on occasion. Statistics are also included here for true Kitsune, in case the Posse ventures into the Far East.

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