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The following are a number of new Edges that members of the Posse may take, specifically intended for the early 20th century setting, though with the Marshal's permission, they could be used for the Wasted or Weird West, as well. (But then, these rules are unofficial. They'd always require the Marshal's permission!)

Arcane Background: Psychic Cost: 3

This is not to be confused with being a "Syker". Psychics are persons who have extraordinary mental -- and spiritual -- abilities, but these are inherent abilities, not gained through training. Upon character creation, a character with this Edge can purchase Psychic Powers, as detailed in the Arcane Background: Psychic section. These powers may be improved with the expenditure of Bounty Points, but this Edge cannot be purchased with Bounty Points, nor can new powers. Your hero is either Psychic, or he isn't.

Mister Clean Cost: 3

Your hero has a bit of the "movie hero" aura about him. He can take part in a bar room brawl, get thrown through a window, get knocked about, beat up and generally abused ... and somehow, he comes out of it, not a single hair out of place. If your hero gets shot, he still bleeds, and if someone dumps a bucket of fish guts over his head, he's still going to need a change of clothes, but it seems that he is still amazingly resistant to such petty things as dust and dirt and getting mussed up.

Having the Purty Edge is a prerequisite to having this Edge. In situations where the Marshal warrants that it applies, he gets a +1 to Mien-based rolls where his appearance may come into play.

Specialist Cost: 3-5

Your hero is especially good with a bullwhip, a Colt .45, a "tommy gun", or some other weapon -- common or obscure -- that he is best known for being able to use with skill. When this Edge is taken, a specific weapon type must be specified. In the case of firearms, this must be a specific type of gun. In other words, it must be something like "Colt .45 Revolver" or "Thompson SMG", rather than "handgun" or "SMG".

Your hero gains a bonus whenever using this "trademark" weapon. This bonus does not apply to any other weapons that he might use. As a prerequisite, the hero must have at least a level 3 Aptitude in the appropriate skill, and the appropriate Concentration to cover use of the weapon. It also applies as a bonus to quickdraw, but, again, only if your hero has at least a level 3 Aptitude in quickdraw.

For 3 points, your hero gains a +1 bonus to rolls when using the weapon. For 5 points, your hero gains a +2 bonus.

Trick Shot Cost: 3

Your hero has a knack for shooting pistols out of bad guys' hands, or pulling stunts like banking shots off of iron pans and shooting down chandeliers to fall on the heads of monsters. Your hero gets to ignore up to -2 in modifiers to any shot against inanimate objects. If the shot qualifies as a particularly creative and difficult "stunt" (Marshal's call), then up to -4 in modifiers can be ignored. This does not, however, help your hero the least bit in being better at shooting Walkin' Dead in the head, or villains in the heart. This Edge only works with weapons in which the character has at least 5 levels of the appropriate Aptitude, and the approprate Concentration.

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