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I've created a few fonts that may be of use to a Marshal running a Deadlands campaign set in the period of the Weird Wars. As I find time, I'll try to add a few more. If you'd like to see some of my other fonts, you can find these and others on my fonts page.  
GWPH02 Preview Greywolf's Paper Heroes #02
Pulp Action Adventure

A grab bag assortment of 26 models of 1930s/40s "pulp adventure" heroes, villains, vigilantes and personalities, including a few characters from my own "Weird Wars" campaign.
TTF Type 1
GWNOUV Preview Greywolf Nouveau
A handwritten "Art Nouveau" style font - more or less, a preview to a more refined version I plan to make later, after significant clean-up.
TTF Type 1
GWGLYP Preview Greywolf's 'Glyphs
A collection of hieroglyphs and wall painting characters meant to be used to decorate player hand-outs, or for use in creating miniatures scenery in an Egyptian setting.
TTF Type 1

For more paper model fonts, be sure to check out "Sparks" at Cumberland Games & Diversions:

Sparks: Paper Miniatures

In particular, Cairo Moon is a set by yours truly, set in a pulp action adventure theme, with a bonus model set for more supernaturally oriented adventures.

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