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Early 20th Century Vehicles

The following is a price list for vehicles available in the early 20th century. This is an abstraction, for prices and availability would have changed drastically over that time period. (The Depression, for instance, would have a major impact.) These are included as a reference for purposes of determining starting equipment for the Posse - and, during play, a rough estimate of prices for equipment and services the Posse may need.

For a more exhaustive list of items, I highly recommend ... and a 10 Foot Pole, published by Iron Crown Enterprises. Alas, ICE has (as of this writing) filed for bankruptcy, so this book is out of print.

Prices are listed in American dollars, and represent approximate costs in the USA and CSA. For the sake of simplicity, it's assumed that Confederate and Union dollars are interchangeable. Items not listed here may be supplemented by those items available in the Weird West Players' Guide, at the same prices indicated there. Oddly enough, overall prices for many items haven't changed significantly since that time, though the quality and availability of said items has increased significantly. Even if your character should have British Pounds Sterling or some other sort of money - or even no money at all, technically - starting equipment is "bought" from the following price list. During game play, this may also be referenced for purchases, though the price may vary at the Marshal's whim.

Items listed in BOLDFACE are only available during play to characters who have at least 2 in streetwise, or who have appropriate (probably military or covert) connections in their backgrounds, at the Marshal's discretion, either because the items are illegal, or else just not easily found without connections (hence streetwise). This assumes that the heroes are primarily based in the USA, CSA or England. In China or Japan, for instance, nunchuks wouldn't be quite as hard to come by.

A year is listed next to several vehicles, to indicate in what year they were commonly available to the general public. If your campaign is set before that time, it is unlikely therefore that a member of your Posse would have such a vehicle -- or if he does, it's quite possibly a mad science invention that simply has the same general look and statistics as the given vehicle.


Boat, small (4 pass.)25.00

Ford Model T (1908-1927)

Ford Model T Truck (1925)500.00
Rolls Royce Wraith (1939)13,500.00
Railroad Car, private35,000.00

Douglas DC-3 (1930s)

Ford Trimotor (1920s)45,000.00
WW I Fighter (1914+)10,000.00

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