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Early 20th Century Weapons

The following is a price list for weapons available in the early 20th century, in addition to those available in the Weird West setting (which, amazingly enough, are still available at much the same prices).

Special thanks goes to Scott Whitmore, who has provided his expertise to help fine-tune the firearms section.

For a more exhaustive list of items, I highly recommend ... and a 10 Foot Pole, published by Iron Crown Enterprises. Alas, ICE has (as of this writing) filed for bankruptcy, so this book is out of print.

Prices are listed in American dollars, and represent approximate costs in the USA and CSA. For the sake of simplicity, it's assumed that Confederate and Union dollars are interchangeable. Items not listed here may be supplemented by those items available in the Weird West Players' Guide, at the same prices indicated there. Oddly enough, overall prices for many items haven't changed significantly since that time, though the quality and availability of said items has increased significantly. Even if your character should have British Pounds Sterling or some other sort of money - or even no money at all, technically - starting equipment is "bought" from the following price list. During game play, this may also be referenced for purchases, though the price may vary at the Marshal's whim.

Items listed in BOLDFACE are only available during play to characters who have at least 2 in streetwise, or who have appropriate (probably military or covert) connections in their backgrounds, at the Marshal's discretion, either because the items are illegal, or else just not easily found without connections (hence streetwise). This assumes that the heroes are primarily based in the USA, CSA or England. In China or Japan, for instance, nunchuks wouldn't be quite as hard to come by.


Smoke grenades and tear gas grenades have an effect only in the primary burst radius, and last for 12 rounds. Anyone in tear gas must roll Vigor each round vs. TN of 9 or suffer -4 to all actions that round. See p. 79 of Weird West Players' Guide for details on dynamite and nitro.

Dynamite, stick *$103d2010
Grenade, fragmentation$1004d125
Grenade, smoke +$25-4 vision5
Grenade, tear gas ++$100-4 actions10
Nitro, 8 oz. **$53d2010

* If a character carrying dynamite is hit by a bullet, melee weapon or other physical force in a body area where he is carrying dynamite, roll 1d6. On a 1, the dynamite is hit and detonates.

** Nitroglycerin comes in glass bottles and is dangerously unstable. The same rules apply as for dynamite, plus, if the carrier falls, tumbles or takes a jolt of some sort, there is a 50% chance the nitroglycerin detonates - 100% if the character takes a big fall.

+ Smoke grenades fill the first burst radius with smoke, obscuring all visual perception (including shooting) in and out of the smoke by -4. The smoke lasts for 12 rounds under normal conditions.

++ Teargas grenades fill the first burst radius for 12 rounds under normal conditions. Anyone in area of effect must make a Hard (5) Vigor roll each round or suffer -4 to all actions for that round.


Pistol (.22 - .38)502.00
Pistol (.40 - .50, up to 9 mm *)503.00
Rifle (.38 - .52)504.00
Rifle (.56+)505.00
Dum-Dum Shells **50+1.00
Shotgun Shells +202.00
Shotgun Slugs ++202.00

* Guns with calibers listed in millimeters (mm) are typically not found in the USA or CSA, or in the realm of influence of the "British Empire" ... nor is ammunition for them. Ammunition for these calibers can be found by those with streetwise.

** Crude hollow-point bullets, causing more damage upon impact against "soft" targets, but have less penetration against armor. If purchased via black market, add $1 to cost of box of bullets of appropriate caliber. Home-made "dum-dums" can be made fairly easily with the right tools (1 point in tinkerin' or trade: gunsmith), so this cost is mainly just for completeness. Against unarmored targets, dum-dums cause +1 point of damage per die. So, 3d6 becomes 3d6+3. Against targets with armor, however, the armor is treated as being one level higher, and the bonus is lost. So, 3d6 against AV 1 is treated as 2d4.

+ Shotgun users get +2 to hit when using shells, but damage varies over range: 6d6 only if the shotgun is planted against the target when fired ("hostage situation", usually not possible in combat); 5d6 within the first range band, and 1d6 less for each range band beyond that.

++ Shotgun slugs can be used instead of shells, doing 6d6 damage regardless of range, but at -2 to the chance to hit instead of the usual +2 shotgun bonus.

Melee Weapons

Brass Knuckles-STR+1d42.00
Cane Sword *+1STR+2d650.00
Cane Sword, Silvered *+1STR+2d6150.00
Chain **+1STR+1d41.00
Club, small-STR+1d4-
Club, large+1STR+1d6-
Knife, silver-STR+1d43.00
Lariat **--4.00
Nunchuks ++1STR+1d45.00

* Disguised as walking cane; thin blade hidden in cane, with headpiece used for grip.

** Bolas, lariats, whips and chains are tangle weapons, and each uses its own concentration as a weapon to be used properly. Bolas, lariats and whips (not chains) can be used to entangle or trip an opponent by making an opposed fightin' roll versus the defender's dodge skill. An entangled opponent can break free (destroying the weapon) from average whips and lariats by making a Strength roll versus a TN of 11, just by wiggling free with an opposed Nimbleness roll versus the attacker's fightin'.

Whips and chains can be used to snare an opponent's weapon by making a fightin' roll as a called shot - +2 to the TN for small items like pistols and knives, +1 for large items like rifles. On a successful hit, the attacker must get a raise on an opposed Strength roll to pull the item free. (A botch on this roll means the attacker loses the whip or chain.)

Chains are generally noisy, and carrying one applies a -2 penalty to most sneak rolls.

+ Not widely found outside the Orient. Requires fightin': nunchuks concentration to use. Each raise means an extra hit - up to two extra hits - on a random location (even if the first hit was a called shot). A botch means the user strikes himself.

Explosive Accessories

Blasting Cap1.00
Detonator, plunger10.00
Detonation Wire, 50'3.00
Fuse, 20'1.00

Weapon Accessories

Magazine, Spare5.00
Gunbelt and Holster10.00
Gunbelt and Holster, quickdraw15.00+1 to Quickdraw
Gunbelt and Holster, web5.00
Sling, rifle2.00


Colt .45 .45 Colt (1911)7.4523d61035.00
Luger Luger (1908)79 mm23d61035.00
Mauser C96 Mauser C96 (1915)109 mm23d61040.00
Mauser C96 (20 rd clip) Mauser C96 Broomhandle (1932)10/207.63 mm23d610/1545.00
Nambu 8mm Nambu 04 (1915)88 mm Nambu23d61020.00
Tokarev Tokarev TT33 (1933)87.62 mm x25(.30)23d61025.00
Webley .455 Webley .455 (1915)6.455 Webley23d61015.00

Rifles & Shotguns






Winchester Model 1887Winchester Model 1887 Pump Shotgun 412 gauge11-6d61035.00
Enfield M1917 Enfield M191710.303 British14d82025.00
M-1 Garand M-1 Garand (1936)8.30-0624d8 2035.00
Holland & Holland Royal Holland & Holland Royal (1902)2.500/45015d102050.00
Mauser K98 Mauser K98 Rifle (1943)57.92 mm14d82025.00
Winchester Rifle Winchester '7315.44-4014d82025.00

Machine Guns






Maxim Machinegun Maxim Machinegun (1889)2507.62x54/7.65 mm64d810350.00
Tommy Gun Thompson SMG (1924)20/50.45 3 3d6 1080.00
Vickers Mk. I Vickers Machinegun (1912)20.303 British64d820/10475.00

Weapon Notes

  • Automatic Weapons: Prior to 1934, there were no restrictions in the USA on the purchase of automatic weapons. In 1934, a $200 tax was added to the purchase of such weapons in the USA. Regardless, before or after that time, such weapons were not normally sold to civilians, either in the USA or CSA.
  • Holland & Holland Royal: Heavy "elephant gun" hunting rifle; representative of the favored weapon of globe-trotting big game hunters. Double-barreled - Although the ROF is given as 1, it is technically possible to fire both shots in a single action. In that case, roll for each shot to hit separately. Each chamber has to be reloaded separately.
  • Mauser C96 Broomhandle with Stock

  • Mauser C96 Broomhandle: A 10-round integral clip is standard, however there is also a 20-round clip version as well. The Range factor is 10 for the pistol, but it is 15 if the stock is attached and used. It is not possible to quickdraw a Mauser that has either the broomhandle or the 20-round clip attached.
  • Nambu 04: Reliability Rating 19; due to the magazine design, requires three actions to replace the clip; safety catch requires two hands to operate. In use in Japan, China and Korea.
  • Thompson SMG: "Tommy Gun". Available either with a 20-round clip, or with 50-round drum. The drum version has a second handle in front of the drum, as it requires two hands to operate properly.
  • Vickers Machine Gun: Tripod mounted. The range is 20 for single-shot operation (rarely used), and 10 for burst-fire operation. Requires two men to operate properly: the second man feeds in the ammunition, in 20-round links.

  • Weird West Weapons

    All guns listed in the Weird West Players' Guide are available in the early 20th century, and, amazingly enough, at the same prices. (Why complicate things?) So, check out pages 76-77 of the Weird West Players' Guide for prices on "Shootin' Irons" and the appropriate ammunition (which hasn't changed much either).

    Please note that the ROF (Rate of Fire) of these weapons takes into account the changes made in the Weird West Role-Playing Game to simplify the use of weapons. Revolvers that once had a ROF of 1 now have a ROF of 2, and pump shotguns and other weapons that would have required two actions to fire now have a ROF of 1. The reason for this is just to cut down on the work required to keep track of whether one is ready to fire or not.

    Also, when attacking with a burst fire weapon such as the gatling pistol, rather than rolling separately for each shot, there is just one roll for each burst of three shots. A success means that one bullet of the three hits its mark. A raise means that two hit. Two raises mean that all three hit. If the weapon fires more than 3 shots per action, then divide the shots up into 3-shot "bursts". Conveniently, the rates of fire for burst-fire weapons are divisible by three.

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