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Early 20th Century Common Gear & Expenses

The following is a price list for some standard equipment for adventurers in the early 20th century. This is an abstraction, for prices and availability would have changed drastically over that time period. (The Depression, for instance, would have a major impact.) These are included as a reference for purposes of determining starting equipment for the Posse - and, during play, a rough estimate of prices for equipment and services the Posse may need.

Some of the items listed may seem fairly nitpicky - Most likely, the Posse will not be expected to nickel-and-dime their way through the adventure, buying meals each day and so forth. That's more appropriate to Deadlands: Hell on Earth, where it can't be assumed that the hero has a "day job" and some means of covering "incidental expenses" that we don't really care much about. Such items are still listed, however, to give a sense of perspective, and for the sake of completeness.

For a more exhaustive list of items, I highly recommend ... and a 10 Foot Pole, published by Iron Crown Enterprises. Alas, ICE has (as of this writing) filed for bankruptcy, so this book is out of print.

Prices are listed in American dollars, and represent approximate costs in the USA and CSA. For the sake of simplicity, it's assumed that Confederate and Union dollars are interchangeable. Items not listed here may be supplemented by those items available in the Weird West Players' Guide, at the same prices indicated there. Oddly enough, overall prices for many items haven't changed significantly since that time, though the quality and availability of said items has increased significantly. Even if your character should have British Pounds Sterling or some other sort of money - or even no money at all, technically - starting equipment is "bought" from the following price list. During game play, this may also be referenced for purchases, though the price may vary at the Marshal's whim.

Items listed in BOLDFACE are only available during play to characters who have at least 2 in streetwise, or who have appropriate (probably military or covert) connections in their backgrounds, at the Marshal's discretion, either because the items are illegal, or else just not easily found without connections (hence streetwise). This assumes that the heroes are primarily based in the USA, CSA or England. In China or Japan, for instance, nunchuks wouldn't be quite as hard to come by.

Food and Beverages

Beef Jerky, 1 lb..50
Bread, fresh, loaf.10
Candy, 1 lb..05
Chocolate, bar.05
Coffee, 1 lb..25
Doughnuts, 1 doz..15
Field Rations, 1 day.50
Gum, pack.01
Meal, diner.25
Meal, restaurant1.00
Meat, canned.25
Soda Pop, bottle.05
Tea, 1 lb..10

Outdoors Gear

Binoculars (8x)50.00
Candle, wax (burns 4 hours).25
Fishing Rod & Reel2.00
Flashlight Battery.25
Flint & Steel.50
Knife, pocket (3 blades)2.00
Lantern Oil, 1 gal..25
Marbles, bag (100).25
Matches, box (100).25
Mess Kit1.00
Mosquito Netting2.00
Radio, crystal5.00
Radio, receiver40.00
Shovel, folding2.00
Stove, portable10.00
Telegraph Unit, portable50.00
Telephone, field20.00
Tent & Bedding (for 2)25.00


Bag, Doctor's *25.00
Bolt Cutters10.00
Chainsaw (1930)45.00
Grappling Hook.50
Iron Spikes (10).25
Litmus Paper (5)1.00
Rope, 50'.05
Scissors, Surgical5.00
Toolbox, Archaeologist's **10.00
Toolbox, Carpenter's +10.00
Toolbox, Mechanic's ++25.00

* Includes bandages, scalpels, forceps, etc. for use of medicine Aptitude

** Includes mallet, chisel, picks, brush, magnifying glass, pouches, rubbing paper, charcoal, notepad, pencils.

+ Includes misc. basic carpenter's tools, such as saw, hammer, nails, tape measure, level, etc.

++ Includes misc. basic mechanic's tools, such as set of wrenches, screwdrivers, pliers, wire strippers, etc. for use of tinkerin' Aptitude


Bag, Carpet2.00
Map, Road.50
Map, Atlas, leather-bound30.00
Trunk, Magician's50.00hidden compartments
Trunk, Steamer8.00
Shaving Kit, deluxe3.00razor, comb, cream, brush, et cetera


Camera, high-speed60.00
Camera, movie300.00
Darkroom Chemicals/Supplies10.00enough for 200 rolls of film
Film (b&w) & Bulbs1.0012 shots

Monster Hunting / Religious Gear

Beads, rosary, silver3.00
Beads, rosary, wooden.25
Bullet, silver1.00
Garlic, clove.10
Knife, silver3.00
Mirror, hand3.00
Stake, wooden (10).25
Symbol, holy1.00
Vial, metal.25
Vial, glass.05
Wafers, holy, tin of1.00
Wolfsbane, sprig.25



Boots, heavy10.00AV -4 to feet
Boots, leather3.00AV -2 to feet
Cap, aviator5.00AV -2 to 50% head
Cape, fur-lined8.00+1 to survival rolls in extreme cold
Cloak, rainproof8.00+1 to survival rolls in rainforests
Chaps5.00AV -2 to legs
Coat, winter10.00+2 to survival rolls in extreme cold
Dress, fine6.00
Dress, exotic20.00
Gloves, dress.50
Gloves, gauntlets4.00AV -2 to hands, -2 Deftness
Gloves, leather1.00AV -1 to hands
Hat, cowboy1.00
Hat, fancy5.00
Hat, fedora3.00
Helmet, pith5.00AV 1 to 50% head
Jacket, leather10.00AV -2 to arms, guts
Necktie, cheap.10
Necktie, stylish2.00
Pants, dress7.00
Shirt/blouse, dress3.00
Shirt/blouse, work2.00
Shoes, fine leather3.00
Shoes, running3.00+1 to Pace
Shoes, sneakers3.00+1 to Sneak
Suit, 3-piece6.00

Alcohol 'n Tobacco

Beer, bottle.15
Beer, glass.05
Champagne, bottle15.00
Cigar, cheap.10
Cigar, fine2.00
Cigarette Rolling Papers (100).05
Cigarettes, pack.10
Tobacco, chewing.10
Vodka, bottle2.00
Wine, cheap, bottle.50
Wine, common, bottle1.00
Wine, fine, bottle5.00
Whiskey, bottle1.00
Whiskey, shot.10

During the Prohibition era (1919-1933), alcoholic beverages are illegal in the USA, though not in the CSA. At least 2 levels of streetwise are required to be able to acquire alcoholic beverages for starting equipment in the USA during this period.

Hucksters & Magicians

Ball, crystal20.00
Cards, deck.25
Cards, marked2.00
Dice, loaded2.00
Dice, pair.25
Handcuffs, trick10.00
Hoyle's Book of Games, 1870s Edition50.00Reliability 10
Hoyle's Book of Games, 1900s Edition25.00Reliability 9
Hoyle's Book of Games, 1930s Edition.25Reliability 8
Flash Powder2.00


Books & Writing Materials

10' Pole1.00
Cane, Walking, nice5.00
Emory Board (10).25fingernail files
Marbles, Bag.25100 ct.
Bible, small.25
Book, comic.05
Book, dime novel.10
Book, fiction1.00
Newspaper, Sunday edition.15

Parchment (100 sheets)

Pen, Ball-Point2.00
Pen, Fountain.25
Pencils, lead (10).02
Writing Case4.00
Writing Tablet, 50 p..05

Starting Gear

In addition to whatever "free" gear the Marshal determines that the heroes start with, each member of the Posse starts with $350 to spend on starting gear.

The exact starting funds and gear for adventurers depends ultimately upon the Marshal. If the Posse comes from, say, 1905, then it's far less likely that everyone in the group has a car. The same might be said for them, if they come from 1935, in the middle of the Depression. Furthermore, availability and prices would vary greatly. Whiskey would be a lot harder to get during Prohibition, for instance, and unless a hero has a good reason, he shouldn't be able to casually stuff a Tommy Gun into his list of starting equipment.

It's recommended that it be assumed that each of the heroes has a fairly average lifestyle - Back home, each hero may have an average house or apartment with average furnishings, an average car (or some other means of transportation), an average wardrobe, and at least one good "Sunday best" suit or dress for special occasions. Most of the time, none of this will come into play, unless the Posse's adventures are set on the "home front". In that case, if a member of the Posse should wish to upgrade his "average" car, etc., it may be a good idea for the Marshal to determine just what sort of car he has - for instance - then allow the hero to pay the difference from his starting funds (or with the Belongings Edge) to "upgrade" to a better vehicle.

Unless the Marshal says otherwise (such as if the heroes are out of work during the Depression) the heroes have regular jobs that pay the bills and allow them to pretty much break even on day-to-day expenses that don't directly pertain to the adventure. If the heroes are the sort that depend upon adventuring for their income, then if there's any sort of reward involved, the Marshal may deduct a portion out of that to cover "living expenses".

The only items a hero should need to purchase would be personal gear that he'll be using during the adventure. It's assumed that he has a "normal" set of clothes, whatever the Marshal determines that to be: possibly a fedora, shirt, trousers, jacket and shoes for men, and dress, hat and shoes for women - unless the situation calls for other attire. However, if he wishes to have any items of clothing that offer measurable in-game bonuses or armor protection (Sneakers, Running Shoes, Heavy Boots, Pith Helmet, etc.), then those should be purchased out of starting gear.

Weapons and items of personal equipment should also be purchased - especially anything that is listed as "Black Market" - plus anything the hero plans on making any practical use out of. (e.g., an extra pack of cigarettes to trade to locals for information)

If the scope of the campaign is that the heroes might be sent into a tomb, temple or other ruin in search of an ancient artifact for the British Museum of London or some other entity, it could well be that the group is outfitted with "standard expedition gear" - rope, lanterns, camping gear, shovels, et cetera. In that case, even though the group may not be expected to purchase every last such item, it is still advisable that they write up a "requisition list" separate from their personal possessions, to submit to the Marshal. The Marshal can then go through the list, and cross out any items that the sponsors were unable (or unwilling) to provide for the expedition. (The British Museum of London is unlikely to approve the purchase of hand grenades or dynamite for exploring an Egyptian tomb, for example.)

A number of the "Common Gear" items listed above are included only for purposes of reference, and to give a sense of perspective. After all, prices have changed a lot since then, and even within this era, prices would have fluctuated considerably. The flat prices listed here are merely an abstraction, and some items wouldn't even be available until later on. (Such items are noted with the appropriate year of availability.)

Penny Pinching

When the Marshal isn't strict on exactly how much the party makes and how much they spend on this or that, sometimes there's a member of the group who wants exact figures, so he can optimize his resources for the sole purpose of being a more efficient killing machine. I know. I've been in a campaign with this sort of player. He wants to know how much his car is worth, how much his house is worth, and the furniture, etc., how much income he gets, how much he has in the bank, and how much he's spending on living expenses. Then, he announces that his character is a total ascetic, content to sell off his car, house, all the furniture, and to live in a run-down dirt-hole apartment and eat dog food, so that he can spend his life savings on bigger guns and more bullets.

My knee-jerk response would be to just kick the player out of the group, since this is bound to be a sign of worse things to come, but usually a gaming group consists of a bunch of friends (or at least frequent associates), and a response like that is easier thought than done. Plan B would just be to inform the character that this is a Posse full of people who actually have lives and personalities, so there'd be no way for his ascetic to hook up with this party, and would he please write up a new character who has a shred of humanity. Failing that, here's a possible way of dealing with such an eventuality:

First off, go ahead and do the calculations for how much money this should yield the character. Then, figure out how this would translate into multiple purchases of the Dinero and/or Belongings Edges. Next, figure out how many points worth of Hindrances would be required to balance this out. Lastly, figure out some appropriate Hindrances to slap onto the character - above and beyond what he may have already - as side effects of his pinch-penny lifestyle. Don't give him roleplay disadvantages. (You'd be rewarding him, after all.) Give him situational disadvantages. In fact, you don't even need to tell him about this (though he's bound to find out sooner or later).

Here are some examples:

  • Ailing: Living in such squalor and destitution tends to be bad for one's health.
  • Habit: Assess penalties to the character's Persuasion rolls when dealing with NPCs. His habits are bound to carry over into how he presents himself to other people.
  • Lyin' Eyes: Someone this removed from social interaction and life in general is bound to be a little lacking in social skills. That'd include being a convincing liar, too.
  • Now, this may look like you're punishing the hero for being a penny-pincher. Well, yes and no. First off, the Marshal is letting the Posse members have things that would be indicative of "normal lives", without making them pay for it out of their starting gear. With a bit of hand-waving, they've got cars and homes. The character who wants to play a totally ascetic character who lives only for "min-maxing" himself to be the ultimate killing machine is taking advantage of the fact that his character is ultimately his puppet in a fictitious world, and that he can make his character go through any discomfort for the sake of "winning". Could he really live in such depravity? (If so, why are you letting him in your house, anyway?)

    Such a character is gaining useful gear for the adventure, at the expense of "off camera" details that have no direct bearing on the game. So, in order to balance this, you give him some disadvantages to reflect the fact that his character needs to get a life. The bottom line is that the character is actually still getting a benefit, in that he gets to go over the normal limit of up to 10 points in Disadvantages.


    The scale of the Dinero Edge is slightly changed in this era:

    CostStarting FundsExtra Funds


    The "cash on hand" and samples of possible equipment are somewhat different than that of the Weird West Players' Guide. "Belongings" can be taken for just the extra cash, but remember that any particular special possessions require working with the Marshal to determine just what would be appropriate.

    1$750 in cash; shares in successful business; luxury car
    2$1,500 in cash; boat; work of art; Mad Science invention (rocket pack, flame-thrower, etc.)
    3$7,500 in cash; pistol used by Jesse James; tomahawk blessed by Indian shaman; a Sopwith Camel or Fokker DR1 Triplane
    4$30,000 in cash; Douglas DC-3 or Ford Tri-Motor cargo plane; zeppelin; a saloon (or speakeasy) or other business; private rail car
    5$75,000 in cash; magical relic; a train; a U-boat

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