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A Deadlands: Weird Wars Reference

  by T. Jordan "Greywolf" Peacock


The following is a rough guide of what a US Dollar could get in various times in history in the 20th century, for reference by a Marshal with a globe-trotting Posse, so he can add that extra bit of authenticity when he quotes prices of common items.

These values were derived from a chart found at http://www.popso.it/100anni.html.

The values have been scaled so that what is listed is the number of a given currency (Lires, Duetschemarks, Swedish or French Francs) that would be equivalent to one US Dollar. For the sake of sanity, I am assuming (arbitrarily) that USA and CSA dollars would be equivalent.

YearItalian LireGerman DuetschemarksSwedish FrancsFrench Francs

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