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Manfred 'The Magnificent' Manheim Manfred "The Magnificent" Manheim
Profession: Stage Magician

Summary: Mr. Manheim is a stage magician, putting on airs of being a "sorceror" and a "master of the mystic arts", but in actuality he has no arcane abilities whatsoever. While he has a genuine interest in things supernatural, he truthfully knows very little about them. Still, his ambition in life is not to be a mere charlatan. He wishes to be a true sorceror. He has heard about the secret writings in Hoyle's Book of Games, and he even owns a copy, but he has failed to decipher very much out of the book, and that which he has uncovered has failed to yield anything the least bit magical. He secretly suspects that there is something about him, that he simply cannot be a true magician, that he somehow just doesn't have what it takes - whatever that is. However, he would certainly not want to admit it to himself or anyone else.

This may well change, however. He had a number of odd dreams, the exact details of which he's fuzzy on, in which he was directed to take the Orient Express. He was told that the Express will take some sort of a "detour", and that he will finally learn the true meaning of magic, and that he will be granted marvelous powers ... so long as he uses them responsibly, of course. He has made arrangements to make an appearance in Paris ... so if this is all just a wild dream, at the very least he'll have another gig in front of him when he reaches France. If this is all true ... then he supposes that he'll make his best performance yet!

Manheim is, of course, eager for any such possibility, though he can't be certain whether these dreams were genuine, or just crazed creations of his own subconscious. He also can't be certain whether any such entity as that which spoke to him in his dreams might be truly benevolent ... or secretly malevolent in intent. As uncertain as it all seems, it's the best chance Manheim has right now at ever achieving his dream.

Personality Notes: showman, charlatan

Objectives: gain powers of magic, perform in Paris

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