The Mask of Anubis
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Deadlands: The Mask of Anubis


Deadlands: 1936 - The Mask of Anubis

Deadlands: The Weird West Roleplaying Game takes place back in the 1880s, while Deadlands: Hell on Earth leaps forward into the 2080s. This adventure scenario, which was run at Necronomicon 2000, is set in 1936 in the Deadlands universe, in an alternate history where supernatural battles are being fought in the shadows, even as the world prepares to plunge into World War II.

The adventurers are a group of heroes thrown together by chance and a similar desire to fight the forces of darkness. In this case, they're in a race against Nazi agents to locate an ancient artifact known as the Mask of Anubis, believed to be buried in the recently discovered Tomb of Aye, near the Valley of Kings across the Nile from Luxor, Egypt. According to legend, the wearer has the power to grant immortality. Whatever the truth behind it, the Nazis seem to want it badly, so that's enough reason for the heroes to try to make sure that they don't get it!

Enter the Tomb of Aye, in Search of the Mask of Anubis

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