Mishima Hatamoto Flame-Thrower Specialist

Hatamoto Hero with Deathshrieker Screechgun In addition to the devastating Dragonfire HMG, some Hatamoto Heroes choose to make use of flame-throwers, such as the experimental "Screechgun". This self-contained (but bulky) weapon is a more compact version of the standard Mishima flame-thrower, given its name because of the unearthly shrieking sound it makes when it sprays chemical fire on the enemy.

Hatamoto Flame-Thrower Specialist

Hatamoto Flame-Thrower Specialist

Cost 80

12 7 10 15 3 2 9 3 9 2
1 Hatamoto Flame-Thrower Specialist


Flame-Thrower, 2 Katanas

Special Abilities:

First Strike, 1 Extra CC Attack, Enhanced Charge, Tactical Sense, Give Orders

Special Rules:

You may purchase Hatamoto Flame-Thrower Specialists just like any other Individual so long as you have at least one Squad of Hatamoto in your army.