Imperial ISC Agent

Imperial Security is highly regarded amongst the soldiers of the Army. While ISC Agents most often operate undercover in less high-profile settings, there are still a rugged few who can be found on the battlefield in especially desperate circumstances. The mere presence of an ISC Field Agent is enough to stir up the spirits of the troops, but the agent also does his part by providing much needed fire support with a well-aimed sniper rifle or heavy weapon.

ISC Field Agent

ISC Field Agent

Cost 45

8 10 9 14 3 2 7 3 8 2


1 ISC Field Agent


HMG or Sniper Rifle

Special Abilities:

Tactical Sense, Give Orders, Inspiring Leadership, Rally Others, Immune to Fear, Immune to Panic

(If armed with Sniper Rifle: Sniper)

Special Rules:

You may purchase only one ISC Field Agent for the Imperial Army.


The easiest way to represent an ISC Field Agent is to make use of either the Trencher Sniper or the Trencher Heavy Weapon, and paint the letters "ISC" on the back of the trench-coat, to make the agent's affiliation clear.

More involved but more appropriate would be to make use of one of the Cartel Special Agents models, modifying with the appropriate weapon from the Weapons Packs. To make the model somewhat resemble the illustration in the Chronicles of War supplement where the ISC Field Agent first appeared, make use of the Agent carrying the SMG. First, saw, clip and/or file off the SMG. Glue on an Imperial Charger (HMG) from the Weapons Packs. (An alternative would be the generic "Deathlockdrum" HMG.) You will need to use putty to reconstruct the Agent's hands to hold the gun, as well as to smooth out areas that were cut away to remove the SMG. Two tiny pieces of putty can be used to suggest "spectacles", and a small bit of putty can be used to give the Agent long hair as in the picture. Don't forget to paint in a bit of unshaved stubble on the face, a necktie, and "ISC" on the back of the trench-coat to complete the look.