Algeroth Tekron

Tekron Miniature Masters of Necrotechnology, the Tekrons serve Algeroth by fashioning for him all manner of unholy artifacts and weaponry to further his war against humanity and the Light. While some of the Tekrons are of more ancient origins, having come with the Dark Apostles from other worlds, many of them are the ultimate stage of "evolution" of Technomancers. They have replaced parts of themselves here and there with grafted organs and bio-mechanical gadgets, to the point where they are only barely recognizable as having once been human. Since they can replace parts at will, they are effectively immortal.

Most of the Tekrons are content to remain in the Dark Citadels, plugged into the foul Brainpools, creating more weapons for the Dark Legion. Others, however, go out on the battlefield, lending aid to damaged necrotechnological constructs. They are often accompanied by a retinue of Brass Apocalypts artificially constructed warriors that are usually loaned to Ilian, but still the pride and joy of an accomplished Tekron.

Tekron of Algeroth


Cost 50

7 6 12 14 3 2 9 3 12 3


1 Tekron


Tekron Spanner

Special Abilities:

Technomancy, Immune to Fear, Immune to Panic

Special Rules:

The Tekron itself is treated as a Necrotech Construct. It is capable of using Technomancy on itself, as long as it has one remaining Wound. It is also capable of using Technomancy on Brass Apocalypts, having an expert knowledge of their workings and construction.

Although a Tekron is purchased as an Individual, a Squad of Brass Apocalypts (from the Ilian list) may also be purchased, and the Tekron will be treated as the Squad leader. The Brass Apocalypts count as a Greater Squad, and must still follow normal Buying Criteria.

Tekrons, having replaced their lower bodies with tank-like treads, are unable to Climb, Go Prone, or Dive for Cover. However, they may ignore movement penalties for Rough Terrain.

Tekron Spanner
CC PB Short Med Long Ext
Hit Dam Hit Dam Hit Dam Hit Dam Hit Dam Hit Dam
-1 STR-1 -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --


One-Handed Melee Weapon

Special Rules: