Hellfire Cart of Ilian

Just as he'd been praying it would for the past several, terrifying minutes, the shooting finally stopped.

Silence fell upon the trenches, as Private Truman looked about. For all he could tell, all his buddies were dead. Maybe if he kept quiet, the enemy would assume the same of him. But this was the Dark Legion. According to the tales he'd heard, they didn't simply let the dead be.

His morbid musings were distracted by the faint strains of music? Yes, music! Against his better judgment, he shifted position to peer between the sandbags. There, coming through the smoke, he could see several small silhouettes children! Yes, he could hear their laughter, as they pranced along, shaking little toy rattles. One child was restricted to a wheelchair, and the tinny melody of a music-box came from it.

The smoke slowly cleared. Children? Hardly. The images provided by Truman's confused mind melted away, replaced by the spectacle of almost a dozen prancing imps, wielding skull-headed maces. And the one in the wheelchair well, his "wheelchair" sported sharp spikes on each side, and several rocket tubes where his lower body should be.

Private Truman checked his ammunition.

The Hellfire Cart of Ilian is a wicked creation, and a special honor for the more distinguished warriors to be found among her Scions. A Scion of Ilian has its lower body roughly hacked off, and its torso is permanently fused to a necro-technological "cart". This machine sports eight launch tubes, which spew forth grenades imbued with the unholy energies of the Void. As the Cart Master wheels himself into battle, he is aided by an entourage of the Children of Ilian her little impish servants. One bears a Dimension Blade for its master, another carries a telescope to help in targeting the enemy, and a third is prepared to repair any damage to the Cart while the rest simply trundle along, ready to gleefully pummel anything that gets in the way.

Hellfire Cart of Ilian

Cart Master (Leader)

Cost 40

8 8 10 12 3 1 8 3 6 2
Cart Assistant (Sword Bearer, Spotter, Mechanic)

Cost 12

5 5 9 11 3 1 5 3 6 1
Child of Ilian

Cost 9

5 5 9 11 3 1 5 3 6 1

Structure: SQUAD

Minimum Squad Size of 4 Models
Up to 12 Children of Ilian
1 Cart Master (Leader)
Up to 1 Sword Bearer
Up to 1 Spotter
Up to 1 Mechanic

Hellfire Cart and Assistants Equipment:

Child of Ilian: Skull Mace
Cart Master: Void Grenades, Dimension Blade, Skull Mace
Cart Assistant (Sword Bearer, Spotter, Mechanic): Skull Mace

Special Abilities:

Group Attack

Special Rules:

Cart Master: The Cart Master may not go Prone, Dive for Cover or Climb. The Dimension Blade may not be used unless the Sword Bearer is still alive and within 6" of the Cart Master. (Although the Sword Bearer physically carries the Dimension Blade, he cannot use it himself.) The Cart Master is a Necrotech Construct.

Spotter: So long as the Spotter is alive and within 6" of the Cart Master, the Cart Master gets +1 to RC when using the Void Grenades.

Mechanic: The Mechanic has a specialized form of Technomancy that can only be used on the Cart Master.

The Hellfire Cart and its entourage counts as a Greater Squad amongst the Servants of Ilian.

Void Grenades
CC PB Short Med Long Ext
Hit Dam Hit Dam Hit Dam Hit Dam Hit Dam Hit Dam
-- -- -3 10(x2) 0 10(x2) -3 10(x2) -6 10(x2) -- --


Mounted, Ranged Template Weapon, Direct Fire, Missile Weapon, Anti-Tank

Special Rules:

Uses the Warpstrike Template.