Dark Legion House Rules

Dark LegionDark Legion

The Dark Legion is the army of aliens in service to an entity and power known as the Dark Soul -- or just "The Darkness". These monsters are led by four Dark Apostles, each one specializing in a different aspect of evil. Algeroth, the most prominent, is the Apostle of War, and master of Necrotechnology. Ilian, the most powerful, is the Mistress of the Void, and the mistress of the magical arts of the Dark Symmetry. Muawijhe is the Lord of Insanity, who taints human dreams with nightmares, and drives them to madness. Semai is the Corruptor, taking part in subterfuge to turn the human corporations against each other rather than letting them unify against the Darkness.

Below are house rule troops and rules for Dark Legion, subject to editing as further battles at my house reveal imbalances, ambiguities or other problems in these rules.

Hellfire Cart of Ilian Rules for the Hellfire Cart model, a Greater Squad in Ilian's forces, providing fire support.

Heretic Legionnaires of Semai A restructuring of the Heretic Legionnaires of Semai, including Close Combat Specialists.

Legionnaires of Algeroth Rules for Legionnaires of Algeroth, cheaper "cannon fodder" Undead Legionnaires that comprise a Lesser Squad in Algeroth's service.

Pretorian Stalkers of Algeroth Rules for Pretorian Stalkers of Algeroth, mighty warriors that comprise a Greater Squad in Algeroth's service.

Tekron of Algeroth Rules for the Tekron, who can repair Necrotech constructs and can lead a squad of Brass Apocalypts as a Greater Squad in Algeroth's service.