Dark Eden House Rules

Dark EdenDark Eden

The Earth Tribes of Dark Eden are the descendants of those who were left behind after the corporate Exodus from Earth. Most of the people left on the blighted Earth were destroyed after their attempt at rebellion against the corporations ended with punitive strikes against the former corporate homeworld. Most of humanity on Earth died ... but some struggled on, and these scattered tribes survive to this day.

There are four main tribes that have re-established contact with the corporations. The Templars are mutants who think themselves mankind's "next stage of evolution." Crescentia is a wandering nation constantly locked in violent Jihad with its rivals. The Lutheran Triad is full of self-mutilated survivors who follow a twisted version of Christian faith. The Sons of Rasputin are the most technologically advanced of Earth's survivors, though still paling in comparison with their extraterrestrial kin.

Below are house rule troops and rules for Dark Eden, subject to editing as further battles at my house reveal imbalances, ambiguities or other problems in these rules.

Lutheran Greymourn Loader Here are rules for the Greymourn Loader model for the Lutheran Triad army.