Cybertronic House Rules


Cybertronic is a human corporation formed after the Exodus, not having its roots on Earth as the other major corporations do. It is a small corporation, but has an edge in that it has dared to explore the lost technologies long forbidden by the Brotherhood. These technologies have long been believed corrupted by the Dark Symmetry, but Cybertronic seems unconcerned in its dabbling with cybernetics, genetic engineering, and the use of mind-altering and body-altering drugs. Its Orwellian society is based in a cluster of asteroids, far from any of the terraformed planets.

Below are house rule troops and rules for Cybertronic, subject to editing as further battles at my house reveal imbalances, ambiguities or other problems in these rules.

Chemiman The Chemiman was originally an individual Infiltrator with poison smoke grenades and a sniper rifle. Now, the poison grenades have been replaced with a short-range grenade launcher.