The Cartel

In the ongoing struggle against the Darkness, the Corporations have all too often been distracted. While there is no doubting the danger presented by the Dark Legion, the rivalries between the major powers of the human worlds are still bad enough to flare up into open hostilities. In order to work together against the Dark Legion, the Corporations need trust and that is in short supply.

In an attempt to coordinate the efforts against the Dark Legion, a multi-corporational body was formed, known as the Cartel. Drawing its supplies and funds from all the Corporations, it would presumably have all of their interests at heart, and be a suitable body to be instrumental in organizing allied efforts against the Dark Legion at home and abroad. In its times of greatest success, Cartel agents and "consultants" have struck great blows against the Dark Legion, and the daring Doomtroopers have become well-regarded heroes.

However, the Cartel has become something of an entity in its own right, having its own bureaucracy, with its own members looking out for their own interests. While the Cartel will ideally be at the forefront of a combined multi-corporational battle against the Dark Legion, it is not unheard-of for Cartel Peacekeepers (or undercover Agents) to take "police actions" against corporate holdings wrongfully "suspected of Dark Legion contamination", all in the name of furthering some bureaucrat's career.

For better or for worse, the Cartel has its own forces to draw upon, though not nearly as well-equipped, nor impressive as the Corporations. The Peacekeepers are either soldiers from one Corporation or another that have temporarily donned the blue armor of the Cartel for a "peacekeeping mission", or else part of the regular "security" forces permanently assigned to the Cartel.

Field Agents are also on the forefront of conflicts, though they are most often found in urban conflicts, rather than on more traditional battlefields. Since they work undercover, they tend to be armed with small sidearms, and wear only light ballistic armor under business suits or street-wear, rather than having a distinct uniform.

Consultants are ostensibly only present to "advise" human forces, especially in the frequent clashes with the Dark Legion on Venus. In practice, they tend to be as heavily armed as the Peacekeepers, only with better training, and more autonomy. They are often accompanied by the Combat Medics, battle-ready doctors who tend to the wounded. Armored support comes in the form of the Rattlesnake tracked vehicle, designed to deal with especially large monsters and vehicles of the Dark Legion that regular weapons fire can't handle.

Last, but certainly not least, are the famed Doomtroopers. Despite the possibility of covert Cartel operations against Corporate holdings, the Doomtroopers are high-profile warrior teams brought in from each Corporation, and even the Brotherhood. They are only used in operations where the Dark Legion is clearly involved though rivalries between Doomtrooper teams of different Corporations have not been unheard-of.

The Cartel is not without its distinguished personalities. Agent Nick Michaels is a highly sought-after operative, and well-respected by his fellow Agents. Michael McBride, on the other hand, is more of a freelancer, who was once a Blood Beret with the Imperial Special Forces.

Cartel Forces

A Cartel force can be played in a number of ways. First of all, the Cartel may be played as a separate army, following the force construction lists as for the Corporations and the Brotherhood. Such an "all-Cartel force" is eligible to spend up to one third of its points on Units from the Tribes of Earth, in the same way as Corporate forces.

A second alternative is to allow the Cartel to be an ally for Corporate forces. In this case, any Corporate army may have up to one third of its points invested in Units from the Cartel. (If it is also getting Units from the Tribes of Earth, this comes out of that allotment for allies. At least two thirds of the force's Units must still be from the main Corporation.) All Cartel Units purchased must still follow the Cartel Buying Criteria.

A third alternative would be to field the Cartel as part of a "Corporate vs. Dark Legion" special scenario. For the Corporate force, units may be purchased from the Cartel lists and any of the Corporations. However, every unit purchased from any given list must follow the Buying Criteria for that list. (In other words, you cannot purchase one squad of Capitol Infantry, and use that to justify purchasing a squad of Golden Lions. To purchase the Golden Lions, you would first have to purchase a squad of Regulars or Trenchers.)

Due to the difficulties of coordinating such a large force, there is a penalty to Initiative based on how many different factions are represented on the table. The Cartel player has a penalty of -2 to his Initiative for every Corporation (or the Cartel) with at least one unit on the table, beyond the first. For instance, if the force is constructed with a squad of Cartel Agents, a squad of Capitol Infantry, and a squad of Imperial Regulars, the total penalty will be -4. (That is, 2 forces beyond the first, at -2 each.) If, during the course of the battle, the force is reduced to just Capitol Infantry and Imperial Regulars, the penalty would drop to -2. If it were further reduced to just the Regulars, there would be no penalty at all.

In this scenario, the Dark Legion side may pick forces from all five of the Dark Apostles, in addition to the Kohorts and the Horde. (Any units of the Cults or the Horde, however, must be aligned to a particular Apostle.) This allied Dark Legion force will suffer an Initiative penalty based on how many Apostles are represented on the battlefield, in the same way as the allied Corporate force.

Buying Criteria

  • You may not have more Individuals than you have Squads in your army, and some Individuals can only be purchased in conjunction with particular Squads.
  • You may never have more Special Squads than you have Peacekeeping Squads.
  • You may never have more than one of a particular Personality.
  • You may only field Doomtroopers if your opponent is playing a Dark Legion force.

  • Cartel

    Peacekeeping Squads

  • Peacekeepers
  • Agents
  • Special Squads
  • Consultants
  • Doomtrooper Teams
  • Individuals
  • Agent Hero
  • Agent Demolitions Expert
  • Agent Sniper
  • Combat Medic
  • Combat Medic Hero
  • Personalities
  • Agent Nick Michaels
  • Michael McBride
  • Vehicles
  • Rattlesnake

  • Representation

    Peacekeepers Peacekeepers use armor donated by the Corporations, particularly by Imperial and Bauhaus. They can be represented by the Regulars or Ducal Militia models in the Warzone boxed set, with armor painted blue, and with the Cartel "Doomtrooper" emblem on the right pauldron. Alternatively, given the flexibility of the Cartel's suppliers, other troop types (Capitol Infantry, Bauhaus Hussars, etc.) could be used.

    Agents and Special Agents
    Cartel Agents The "Cartel Special Agents" blister pack contains two Agents, one Flame-Thrower Specialist, and one Leader. An additional Agent could be represented by the "Female Heretic" figure. The "Special Agent Sniper" can be represented by a regular Agent, with a sniper rifle from one of the Weapons Packs on his back, or perhaps lying on the base (with a couple of pieces of wire to represent a bipod).

    Consultants The original Consultants are from the discontinued Mutant Chronicles miniatures line. The regular Consultants would be the "Cartel Consultant with Helblazer SMG". The HMG Specialist would be the "Cartel Consultant with Deathlockdrum". The Leader would be the "Cartel Consultant with Neutronic Autoshotgun". Substitutes could be made with various appropriately armed miniatures painted in the traditional Peacekeeper Blue. The figure of Michael McBride from the "Freelancers" blister pack (the one with Bauhaus shoulder pads, and a Bolter gun in each hand) will also work nicely as a Consultant.

    Doomtrooper Aside from the original Mutant Chronicles "Doomtroopers" two-figure packs, any number of Corporate models could be used, painted for the appropriate Corporation, with a "Doomtrooper" badge on one shoulder pad to indicate Cartel status. (The "Doomtrooper" emblem roughly resembles a vertically-aligned black or dark blue oval with a yellow stylized lightning bolt inside it, and a small "scroll" at the bottom.)

    Combat Medic
    For the Combat Medic, use the "Combat Medic" miniature. For the "Combat Medic Hero", you can either use the same, or a model obviously armed with a Machine Pistol.

    Agent Nick Michaels
    Agent Nick Michaels For Agent Nick Michaels, use the "Agent Nick Michaels" miniature.

    Michael McBride
    Michael McBride The miniature of Michael McBride appears in the old Mutant Chronicles "Freelancers" two-figure pack. Otherwise, a passable substitute can be made by using the original Blood Beret Sergeant model, and replacing the Chainripper with another Machine Pistol from the Weapons packs.

    Rattlesnake This would be a major undertaking to properly represent, though by no means impossible. The original "Rattlesnake" is pictured in the vehicle rules section of "Dawn of War" (Warzone 1st Edition) and also in the 1st Edition Mutant Chronicles RPG book. It resembles an open pod with the driver in the center, with two elongated tracks one to each side of the pod, and extending forward. Mounted on the top of each track section is an integral LMG. Lastly, atop the vehicle and behind the driver, is a large block-shaped pack that holds a cluster of anti-armor rockets. The vehicle would either be painted in appropriate camouflage, or the traditional white of Cartel vehicles, with the Doomtrooper emblem. The driver can be represented by a Peacekeeper model, most easily converted from one of the Ducal Militia or Imperial Regulars from the boxed set.