Rattlesnake The Rattlesnake is the most readily identified vehicle in the Cartel arsenal, providing long range support in the form of anti-tank rockets and forward-mounted light machine guns. This vehicle was made to be cheap, and one major drawback of the design is that, for all the firepower invested in this machine, the driver is very vulnerable to return fire.

The Rattlesnake has a very distinctive appearance, consisting of two long tread units on each side of the vehicle, with a smaller one-man pod in the center, and the engine in back. There is a single large rocket launcher pack mounted on a pivoting turret behind the driver, and two fixed light machine guns, one on each tread unit.


Rattlesnake Vehicle

Cost 125

3 5 5 11 5


7 8 8 12 3 1 7 3 7 2
1 Rattlesnake Vehicle


Open / Tracked

Hit Allocation:

1-17 = Vehicle; 18-20 = Crew


Vehicle: Vehicle Mounted Twin LMG, Vehicle Mounted Rocket Launcher
Driver: Machine Pistol

Special Abilities:

Vehicle: Weapons Immunity 5

Special Rules:

If the Vehicle is reduced to 0 Wounds, make another Armor roll against the Damage of the attack. If this Armor roll is also failed, the Vehicle explodes. Place the Large Explosion Template, centered on the Vehicle. All models touched by the Template suffer a Damage 12 attack. Any model in base contact with the Rattlesnake suffers a Damage 12(x2) Anti-Tank attack.

The Mounted Twin LMG has a mounting with restricted vertical movement, which is meant for ground targets, not flying targets. Models targeted must be within the same Height Band as the vehicle.