Michael McBride

Michael McBride Michael McBride was once a Blood Beret, serving Imperial in the steaming jungles of Venus. Once his tour was completed, he started working on his own as a Freelancer -- one part private detective, one part gun for hire. He often finds employment with the Cartel, which values his experience in jungle-fighting -- and his experience in combating the Darkness, up close and personal. He's seen a lot of weirdness in his days as a Freelancer.

Michael McBride

Michael McBride

Cost 50

10 12 12 14 3 2 7 3 10 2
Michael McBride


Two Machine Pistols, Hand Grenades

Special Abilities:

Infiltrate, 1 Extra RC Attack, Jungle Fighter, Camouflage, High Morale +2

Special Rules:

Michael McBride is a Personality.