Cartel Doomtrooper Teams

Doomtrooper The pride of the Cartel would have to be the elite Doomtroopers, brave soldiers from the varied corporations, united in their struggle against the Darkness. These warriors are popularized as great heroes, and are often known by name to the general public. Such well-known heroes as Mitch Hunter, "Big" Bob Watts, Valerie Duval, Max Steiner, Edward S. Murdoch, Sean Gallagher, Coral Beach, Yojimbo and Tatsu have served with honors in the Doomtroopers.

Doomtroopers are comprised of two soldiers from the same corporation, one of them serving as a close combat specialist, the other providing fire support. They are sent on special missions behind enemy lines, even into the hearts of dark Citadels, in preparation for full-scale assaults. They serve exclusively against the Dark Legion, not taking part in actions against the other corporations while serving under the banner of the Cartel.

Doomtrooper CC Specialist

Cost 45

11 10 9 14 3 2 8 3 10 2

Doomtrooper Support Specialist

Cost 48

10 11 9 14 3 2 8 3 10 2
Structure: SQUAD
1 Doomtrooper Close Combat Specialist 1 Doomtrooper Support Specialist


Close Combat Specialist:
Machine Pistol or SMG, Sword
Support Specialist: HMG or Assault Rifle, Pistol

Special Abilities:

Immune to Fear, High Morale +4

Special Rules:

Doomtroopers do not suffer the normal penalty to statistics for not being within Command Radius of each other.

Doomtrooper teams hail from different Corporations, and this will affect their strengths and equipment. For each Doomtrooper team, choose one of the Corporations or the Brotherhood, with the following effects:

  • Capitol: Rally Others, Inspirational Leadership
  • Bauhaus: +1 to Ranged Combat
  • Imperial: +1 to Leadership
  • Mishima: +1 to Close Combat, -1 to Ranged Combat, -1 to Armor, Enhanced Charge, armed with 2 Katanas
  • Cybertronic: +1 to Armor, -1 to Leadership
  • Brotherhood: +1 to Power, Supernatural Powers 1 (may purchase from Exorcism or Blessings lists)