Cartel House Rules


The Cartel was formed as an inter-corporate body meant to serve to coordinate the efforts of the human forces against the very real threat of the Dark Legion. Toward this end, the Doomtroopers were formed as elite forces picked from each of the corporations, trained to be sent on special missions deep within enemy territory ... even to breach the defenses of enemy Citadels in preparation for full-scale assaults.

Most of the time, Cartel forces consist of "peacekeeper" forces meant to settle disputes between the corporations, and unified forces working against the Dark Legion. However, sometimes Cartel "consultants" and agents are forced to take up arms against the Dark Legion ... and sometimes the interests of corrupt bureaucrats within the Cartel may prompt them to abuse their power and utilize Cartel forces "undercover" against corporate interests.

Below are house rule troops and rules for the Cartel, subject to editing as further battles at my house reveal imbalances, ambiguities or other problems in these rules.

Cartel Army (Experimental) This is a Word 6.0 (Word 95) document containing a complete army list for a Cartel force. Some of these models (especially the Rattlesnake, Doomtroopers and Consultants) are due for more "playtesting", and may be imbalancing.

Cartel Army (HTML) This is the HTML-ized version of the introduction to the Cartel Army list documented above.

Peacekeepers Peacekeepers, in their distinctive blue helmets and pauldrons, are the low end of Cartel troops. (However, they give you something else to do with all those plastic figures from the boxed set!)

Agents These use the "Cartel Special Agents" pack, with options for conversions for specialists. Low armor, short range, but decent statistics.

Special Agents These are individuals that also use models from the Special Agents pack, adding on weapons from the Weapons Packs where necessary.

Consultants These are rules for the old Mutant Chronicles "Cartel Consultants" models, though newer models can substitute easily.

Doomtroopers (Experimental) Here are rules for Doomtrooper teams. Not all of the variations on Doomtrooper weapons and corporations have been played yet, so beware of possible imbalances here.

Combat Medics These are rules for the "Combat Medic" model, though other substitutes are possible.

Agent Nick Michaels These are rules for the "Agent Nick Michaels" model, a Personality specializing in infiltration and close combat.

Michael McBride Here are rules for the model of Michael McBride from the old Freelancers pack. He's best suited for action in the jungle, provided you're using the old "3 inch visibility" rules.

Rattlesnake Here are rules for a Cartel vehicle that is shown in an illustration, but for which no model exists. (A conversion or proxy would be necessary.)

Heroic Abilities Optional rule for use with Doomtroopers, to customize them with special abilities, as per 1st Edition Warzone.

Cartel Armory This is an armory of weapons used by the Cartel units introduced on this page.