Bauhaus House Rules


Bauhaus has its origins as a European conglomerate, dominated by German and French influences. Its homeworld is Venus, and one of its most famed units is that of the Venusian Rangers, with their distinctive "skull" masked helmets.

Bauhaus is also known for its superior armored support, being the master of tanks on the battlefield.

Below are house rule troops and rules for Bauhaus, subject to editing as further battles at my house reveal imbalances, ambiguities or other problems in these rules.

Blitzer Firefist Specialist These are rules for the original Blitzer heavy weapons specialist, armed with the Firefist rocket launcher.

Order of the Gryphon The Giraud family, which dominates Bauhaus aerospace manufacturing, sponsors the Order of the Gryphon -- a special forces paratrooper unit.

Snipers The PSG-99 Sniper Rifle is brought back, used by a Dragoon Sniper and an Etoiles Mortant Sniper.