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The following are house rules for combat in my Star Wars RPG campaign.

Withdrawing from Melee
If a combatant backs away from melee combat, and his opponent is not presently engaged by another combatant, the opponent gets a free swing (with a close combat weapon) at the withdrawing combatant.

Passing Shot
Similar to the above, if a combatant passes within reach of an opponent without stopping to engage him in combat, the opponent gets a free swing at the passing attacker, provided he is not already engaged in close combat with someone else.

Small Ranged Weapons in Melee
Small-class, one-handed weapons, such as blaster pistols, may be used in close combat.

Rather than using one's action during a given round, a combatant can opt to spend the action to "refocus", getting a new Initiative position in the next round. Next round, the combatant's Initiative score is recalculated, to be equal to 20 plus the character's Dexterity modifier.

A combatant may spend extra rounds aiming at a target to increase his chance to hit effectively. For each entire round spent aiming, the combatant gains a +2 on his to-hit roll with a ranged attack when he finally makes a subsequent attack action against that same target, up to a maximum bonus of +6.

The combatant and target must be either stationary in relation to each other, or moving at a constant speed. (i.e., you cannot Aim against a target that is alternately starting and stopping and weaving about, or occasionally ducking out of view.) If the combatant loses sight of the target, or takes any action other than to continue Aiming or to fire, any accumulated bonus is lost, and Aiming must be started over again. This bonus applies to a single shot against the specified target, whereupon the combatant must Aim again to gain any further bonuses.

A combatant may not Aim while engaged in close combat, and must pass a Will check against a DC of 10 to maintain an Aim bonus while under fire.

Flat-Footed Defense
As a more severe penalty for being caught "Flat-Footed" during the initial combat round, a Flat-Footed combatant (i.e., one whose Initiative has not yet come up for the first combat round) does not get to apply positive Dexterity bonuses or Class bonuses to Defense, though Armor bonuses still apply.

The reason for this is that I'm assuming that the Class bonus is supposed to represent one's better skill at evading damage. If the point of losing one's Dexterity bonus from being Flat-Footed is to suggest that one simply can't get out of the way, it makes no sense to apply that Class bonus. A second reason is that this means there is a more plausible reason for characters of especially high level to still wear armor.

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