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The following are house rules for the creation of characters in my Star Wars RPG campaign.

Starting Currency
Instead of rolling dice to determine starting currency, assume that the character gets the maximum possible number of credits depending upon his class. For example, if a Force Adept starts with [ (1d4+1) x 100 ] credits, then the character will start with 500 credits [ (4+1) x 100 ].

Force Adept500
Jedi Consular1400
Jedi Guardian1100

Attribute Generation
Players are allowed to use any of the creation methods listed in the rulesbook, including the random "fast-track" creation, templates, distribution of points, or use of pregenerated scores.

Planned Character Generation
Normally, if you use "Planned Character Generation", you have 25 points to spend on attributes. For this campaign, you get 30 points. The reason for this is that the players who have been rolling their abilities have been getting pretty high scores, which "Planned Character Generation" will not match.

Pre-Generated Abilities
For the same reason as the house rule on Planned Character Generation, if you use the pre-generated ability numbers (15, 14, 13, 12, 10, 8) to distribute amongst your abilities, you can -- as a house rule for this campaign -- add +2 to any one ability, or else +1 to two abilities of your choice. Therefore, you could turn that 15 into a 17, that 8 into a 10, or maybe turn that 12 and 13 into a 13 and 14 respectively.

Alien Species
Any of the alien species listed as normally available for PCs can be selected for a character. In addition to this, other alien species listed in the "Allies and Enemies" section are permissible, with the exception of the Yuuzhan Vong.

(For my campaign, the setting is post-Empire, set in the New Republic era, but I do not intend to get into the events surrounding the invasion of the galaxy by the Yuuzhan Vong. It is too sweeping of a threat, as presented in the books, not to overshadow whatever "small-scale" plot I want to run.)

I intend to write up rules for allowing droids as PCs, but as of this writing, there are no rules for doing so.

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