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Narsus V

Narsus V Narsus V is a gas-enshrouded world rich in pockets of gases that are mined by floating platforms of similar design to those employed at the far more famous world of Bespin. Although Narsus V actually has a solid core, the surface is heated to unbearable extremes by the "greenhouse effect" of the clouds enshrouding it, and is thus uninhabitable by most species. At higher altitudes, mining platforms and bases are suspended by repulsorlift arrays powered by gases taken from the air itself. The atmosphere of Narsus V are toxic, and environmental gear is necessary to be able to survive exposed to the elements. However, the mining platforms are equipped with powerful magnetic field generators, and oxygen extractors that maintain a pocket of breathable air around each station. Should the generators fail, residual effects would give those on the outside time to retreat to the inner sections of the station and seal off access-ways, relying on internal air recyclers until the equipment can be properly repaired.

Narsus V Animation Narsus V has its own unique life-forms. Most often seen are giant, semi-translucent, jellyfish-like creatures that float like living blimps, borne upon the winds. These creatures possess a strange beauty, as light refracted through their bodies results in a rainbow of colors, but they sometimes mistake smaller mining platforms or airspeeders for prey -- Their tangling tentacles are best avoided.

Also to be found are the Xonephi, avian/reptilian sapient beings that are resistant to temperature extremes that would be fatal to most species, and are capable of breathing the toxic atmosphere of Narsus V. Although they are capable of breathing oxygen, their metabolisms are dependent upon a combination of gases present in the atmosphere, and thus prolonged periods away from the natural atmosphere of Narsus V will result in a steady decline in health. The Xonephi have a primitive, tribe-like existence, though a few have made contact with miners (not always peacefully), and have even occupied abandoned mining platforms.

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