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Narsus Prime Narsus Prime is the seat of government for Feorri Sector, and home to its largest urban complex. Although Feorri Sector has moved from the hands of the Empire to the New Republic, the sector governor still rules from Capitol City, and this is also home to the most frequented starport of the region.

Narsus Prime Animation Topography
Although extensive sections of this world have been urbanized, the majority of the surface is covered by ocean, and large sections of the land mass are given over to wilderness. Although Narsus Prime has its own unique vegetation and creatures, centuries of contact with galactic society have resulted in imported beasts and plants of all sorts (and quite a few pests and diseases along with them).

The planet as a whole is fairly temperate, ranging from frozen ice caps at the poles to temperate regions, to a hot band down in the tropics and around the equator. Its length of day and year is close enough to the Coruscant standard for the difference to be negligible, likely playing a part in the Imperial choice for it as their seat of government in the region.

The moon, Arkus, has an artificially generated atmosphere and weak weather patterns, sufficient to support genetically engineered plant life, with a day/night cycle lasting approximately 24 days. Settlements are located inside artificial, regulated environments. Venturing outside requires a breather mask, as the pressure is sufficient to prevent explosive decompression, but most oxygen-breathers will lose consciousness in a matter of minutes.

The indigenous people are the Narseti, short aliens with rodent-like and marsupial characteristics. Before galactic travelers introduced them to hyperspace technology, their culture had achieved its "Information Age" of technological advancement, and they had developed space travel to the point of being able to establish a hovering colony on Narsus V, a gas-shrouded planet in the same sector.

As Narsus Prime is the "gateway" to Feorri Sector, and for a time it served as the seat of government for the Imperial Moff of the region, there are many humans to be found here, and various other species in smaller numbers.

The primary star port is located not on the surface of the planet itself, but on the planet's partially terraformed moon, Arkus. Most hyperspace charts plot a course to Narsus Prime, and then, at Arkus, up-to-date calculations can be obtained to plot courses between the other planets within the sector.

The total population on Narsus Prime and the small settlement on Arkus numbers around three billion.

Although Narsus Prime has a single planetary governor who also acts as at least nominal leader of the entire sector, thanks to Imperial influence, the planet itself actually boasts over two hundred nations, each with its own heritage and political identity. Most of these nations are dominated by royal family clans, and these families control most of the economic power of Narsus Prime, each one of them signing their own treaties and arrangements with merchants. Each of these nations behaves much like a monarchy, except that while there may be one official ruler of a given nation, he can be deposed by elders within his own family, and traditionally abdicates once he reaches the age of becoming an "elder", somewhere around sixty to seventy years of age. Succession is decided on a candidate from within the clan, but not necessarily the offspring of the previous ruler.

The Governor's Mansion is located on the moon, Arkus, symbolically separate from any particular member nation, though the Sarsuk family of the nation of Sarsoon presently dominates political dealings with aliens.

Major Locations
Most visitors to Narsus Prime will only encounter Galactic City, the starport located on the partially terraformed moon, Arkus. From here, arrangements may be made for travel down to the surface - Without special arrangement, no flights are allowed from out-system, directly to Narsus Prime. All incoming ships must undergo decontamination and examination at Arkus.

(This, incidentally, is a throw-back to the earliest days of the Narseti's contact with alien races, as early alien visitors brought with them diseases that the Narseti were totally unprepared for, and they were horribly devastated by the resultant plagues that followed. Though the occupying Imperials were, of course, not obliged to go through with such measures, now that the Narseti are in control of their own world once more, they are wary of such a plague ever happening again.)

Laws and Customs
Blaster weapons, slug-throwers and explosives are not permitted in Galactic City, and are banned in many of the surface nations, except in the use of law enforcement, and those with special permits. Melee weapons, including vibro-blades and lightsabers, are permitted so long as they are registered, though there are restrictions on their use. (i.e., one does not go walking around with a lit lightsaber without good cause.) Personal armor is permitted, though there may be restrictions on higher-end power armor. (Power armor up to such a degree as Corellian Power Armor and Stormtrooper armor is permissable, at the very least.)

The legal system and penal code is quite complex, with many loopholes that can be exploited by unscrupulous officials and lawyers. There are enough obscure rules and regulations that pretty much anyone who sets foot on Galactic City can be expelled under some pretense, if desired. Those who have specific business with one of the noble families of Narsus Prime are less likely to be hassled than those who are "just passing through". There is considerable corruption in the ranks of the law enforcement, and some corrupt Narseti police may hit up a wealthy-looking alien with various fees and fines, basically amounting to bribes in order for them not to write them up for any number of obscure offenses.

Surface Projection of Narsus Prime
Surface Projection of Narsus Prime

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