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Langoria Langoria was once home to a thriving alien civilization thought to date back to the glory days of the Jedi, though there is no evidence that this civilization had any contact with Coruscant or the worlds of the Old Republic. What became of this alien civilization is unknown, but all that remains of it are magnificent ruins scattered across the globe, mostly reclaimed by the encroaching wilderness. This alien civilization made use of a strange technology beyond the comprehension of modern science, and though it seems that they did not venture beyond their own planet to explore elsewhere in the galaxy, they were able to accomplish marvelous feats of engineering -- carving mountains into the likeness of their leaders or gods, and even somehow altering weather patterns to their liking. Perhaps they abused these abilities, and altered their homeworld to such a degree that it was no longer habitable for them.

Langoria Animation Topography
Large expanses of the world are barren rock, marked by patches of scrubby vegetation, and the ruins of ancient monuments. Near the land-locked seas, however, there are lush rainforests alive with a variety of strange and wondrous -- and often quite dangerous -- creatures.

Seasons, length of year and length of day roughly correspond to Coruscant standards, with a climate ranging from hot at the equatorial zones, to inhospitably cold at the caps. Clouds tend to hang low, resulting in frequent fog and mists, particularly around the inland seas, with frequent precipitation.

While this sector was under Imperial rule, the local Moff did not have the resources to properly explore and exploit this planet, so he simply forbade anyone to visit it, fearing that treasure-hunters might plunder it. (Indeed, a great many artifacts no doubt have been plundered in previous generations.) With the removal of Imperial influence, the world may be opened up once again for exploration. In the meantime, there is no population to speak of, save that the Moff himself has been granted the privilege of keeping his exclusive retreat that he built on this world, where he lives out the remainder of his days.

Patrol craft drive off any intruders, though they are not equipped to repel any serious threats. The planet is presently under the jurisdiction of Narsus Prime.

Major Locations
Chateau on the Rock is the Moff's residence, a seemingly modest retreat that he was allowed to keep, along with his extensive collection of curios and antiques. It overlooks a valley ringed in by a range of mountains sculpted in the likeness of ancient Langorian figures of some import, though it is not known whether they represent gods, rulers, or heroes.

Laws and Customs
There are no laws in effect, per se, save that entry to the world is restricted. This may change, however, as the planet no doubt holds a wealth of antiquities, and the Narseti governor may consider opening it up to exploration as a means of increasing revenue.

Surface Projection of Langoria
Langoria Projection

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