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Geluvil The world of Geluvil has standard gravity and a wealth of flora and fauna, but is unusual in that life developed on this world relatively recently, in astronomical terms, after the prime of life of its sun, which is presently a red dwarf. The planet has a relatively close orbit around this sun, which would be too close for the normal development of life in most star systems.

Geluvil Animation Topography
The crust of Geluvil has undergone much upheaval, with water settling into the lower areas along the edges of the continental plates. The oceans of Geluvil form a network of wide waterways, not technically land-locked, but still not covering a majority of the surface of the planet. The planet has considerable variation between flat lowlands and steep, mountainous regions, forming a number of natural barriers that divide the planet into numerous regions.

Geluvil is locked in a perpetual ice age due to the limiited warmth received from its dwarf sun, even with its close orbit. The ice caps are particularly large, and the planet overall is several degrees cooler than most life-bearing worlds.

Of the most interest about Geluvil is that it is the homeworld to the alien species known as the Pardu: feline-like humanoids that have a fairly loosely formed "society" that is considered somewhat isolationist in nature -- not from aliens, per se, but from each other. The Pardu live in small family clans, only having any personal contact with other clans once a year, though they still communicate by electronic means the rest of the year.

Geluvil does not have a government to speak of, and no unified representation as a world, save that as Geluvil is in Feorri Sector, their representative in the Senate is the senator from Narsus Prime. (Not that the average Pardu would particularly care about this arrangement.)

Major Locations
The closest things Geluvil has to cities would be the Meeting Grounds, where, if an alien were to visit, one would find large, deserted cities of shelters for most of the year ... and only once a year do all the Pardu from the neighboring regions move in for a limited time during which they have festive exhibitions of their various accomplishments, in hopes of impressing each other.

Laws and Customs
Geluvil is lawless. There are no police, there are no armies, and the Pardu are scattered into their various clans -- where the sire of the clan has absolute authority. Theft is a very real possibility, since the typical Pardu notion is that if you leave something out, or make it easy to acquire, then you obviously didn't want it badly enough. (And if you lose something, you didn't put enough work into keeping it.) Every Pardu is responsible for his or her own person and property.

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