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Eltaes Eltaes is a lush frontier world that was once the site of an attempt at colonization back in the early Old Republic era, but the first settlers succumbed to disease, to the elements, and hostile native life forms. Eltaes has a lighter-than-standard gravity, and as is common with such worlds, visitors will find that they are capable of seemingly heroic feats of strength when they first arrive, though prolonged stays will result in an atrophying of muscles unless they work out regularly, or spend time in simulated heavier gravity on a regular basis (such as on a parked starship equipped with standard grav-plates).

Eltaes Animation Topography
The surface has a varied terrain with many mountain ranges, evidencing that when the planet first formed, it must have undergone some shrinkage as it cooled and solidified. It is marked with a network of elongated, inland seas and land-locked oceans, with most of its surface water located near the equator.

The planet as a whole is fairly warm, moist and covered in swamps and rainforests toward the equator, with more dry, temperate, mountainous regions near the poles, and no polar caps. Gravity is noticeably lighter than standard, and thus the atmosphere is fairly thin at the higher elevations, requiring breath masks in the temperate zones.

At present, sector records indicate no permanent population on Eltaes, as colonization attempts have met with disaster.

As there is no population, there is also no government, though a patrol ship from Narsus Prime occasionally visits to look for signs of pirate or smuggler bases being set up.

Major Locations
Hope is the name of a failed settlement in the northern hemisphere, located far enough toward the temperate regions to offer some slight reprieve from the hot and humid climate, but not so elevated as to cause trouble with breathing. The original buildings were pre-fabricated dwellings, and most of them not built to last, so there is very little to mark the presence of the old settlement save for natural landmarks, as the jungle has long since reclaimed the land.

Laws and Customs
Narsus Prime claims sovereignty over Eltaes, and has declared the planet a "nature reserve", prohibiting poaching. However, this is only selectively enforced, as on occasion there are celebrated Narseti "tours" of Eltaes, during which there are always some "accidental" shootings of wildlife. Most of the wildlife, incidentally, is not indigenous, but consists of feral descendants of various domesticated animals brought by the settlers.

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