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Ainar III

Ainar III Two irregularly-shaped moons, both barren and lifeless -- "captured" asteroids. A third, much smaller "moon" once orbited Ainar III in an unstable orbit long ago (geologically speaking) and eventually crashed into the planet, resulting in the wiping out of a thriving reptile pre-space-age civilization that existed before the arrival of off-world colonists. Presently, it is inhabited by furred humanoids who bear close resemblance to the Nalroni of Celanon, though on a genetic level, they are extremely similar to humans. Ainar III has a rich diversity of wildlife, many of the creatures seeming to be distantly related to creatures found commonly elsewhere in the galaxy (such as banthas, nerfs, womprats, et cetera), but also have traits similar to the reptilian and mammalian wildlife apparently indigenous to the planet. It is conceivable that these colonists may have artificially spliced genetic material with that of animal "stock" brought with them, in order to have pack animals and cattle that would be better adapted to the environment. Ruins still remain as a testament to the reptilian civilization that once thrived there, and many of the natives regard the monuments of these people as holy sites, and not to be trespassed upon -- sometimes to the point of violently frustrating attempts by modern archaeologists to investigate those located near Ainarii settlements.

Ainar III Animation Topography
Mostly covered by water, with a fairly even distribution of continents and islands across the globe, and ice caps at the poles. Two irregularly-shaped moons (captured asteroids) orbit the planet, and a third once joined them in (geologically) recent history, though it was in an unstable orbit and eventually entered the atmosphere, breaking up and landing in the ocean.

Temperate, though slightly more cool than the standard for inhabitable worlds.

The original indigenous population consisted of a species of sapient reptiloids that died out when the planet's third moon (an asteroid captured by Ainar III's gravitational pull into an unstable orbit) crashed into the surface, causing radical changes in the environment. Although many non-sapient creatures survived this cataclysm, it was not until a colony ship from the early days of the Old Republic landed on the planet that it was once again populated by an intelligent species. Due to genetic manipulation performed by the colonists to help their offspring adapt to life on Ainar III, the Ainarii eventually developed.

This is a fairly primitive, "backwater" world, without any unified government system, though most of the larger settlements are ruled by a theocracy in the form of a council of priest-scholars simply known as Scholars, whereas smaller settlements are governed in similar fashion by councils of Elders.

Major Locations
Standing Stones is the largest city, built in the shadow of towering cliffs and ancient stone edifices that are relics of the reptile people who inhabited Ainar III before the Ainarii.

Laws and Customs
There are many elements of Ainarii society that might be deemed "religious", though they actually are better termed as "strongly held traditions". Ruins of the "Ancients" are deemed as holy sites, and not to be tampered with -- a tradition that has kept these ancient ruins from being looted, though inevitably there have still been a few vandals and grave-robbers who have defiled sites from time to time over the ages. Although Basic has undergone some change over the ages, thanks to the development of slang, jargon and colloquialisms, there is a class of Ainarii scholars who diligently aim to preserve the "knowledge of the first generation", and pure Basic is considered the only proper language in which records are kept and ceremonies are performed ... though in some regions, the local dialect has diverged so far from Basic that it is on par with using Latin for religious services -- something not understood by the common masses.

Although there are variations in beliefs to be found, if the Ainarii have a "core" religion, it is a fairly humanistic belief, more or less free of intervening deities (though many of them believe in "ascended ancestors" who fulfil much the same role), and with concepts of personal power through meditation and ritual purification of mind, body and soul, and also of reincarnation.

The precepts of the Jedi are unknown to the Ainarii, even though the Force is no less active on their homeworld than anywhere else in the galaxy. Over the ages, Force-sensitive individuals have arisen, and they are generally held as being more "enlightened" than the common people, and are granted a considerable amount of prestige -- They do not recognize "the Force" as such, but hold the powers of the Force to be a manifestation of superior psychic abilities. All Ainarii who manifest ability in the Force are believed to be reincarnations of eight sages of old (and it is not known for certain just when these eight sages live, for the Ainarii do not keep a calendar). At any given time, there have never been so many as eight Force-sensitive individuals living at one time, and certainly not more than that to disprove the theory. It is believed that should such a thing happen, it would be an omen of the coming of an age of great anguish for the Ainarii, when the enemies who once persecuted their ancestors would return again, and a great battle would take place that would determine the fate of all the world.

Key in this is that one of these original "eight sages", Kizun, was held to be an evil individual, a wielder of curses, who could command lightning to strike down her foes. Whenever a "reincarnated sage" is discovered, the "sage" is given considerable benefit of the doubt to lay claim to whatever original sage he or she is a reincarnation of, without challenge. However, if there were to be seven "sages" living at one time, it is fairly certain that none of them would claim to be Kizun (and expect to live very long). Therefore, if an eighth were found, by default, it would be assumed that this was the second coming of Kizun -- and the one responsible for bringing about an age of strife.

Surface Projection of Ainar III
Ainar III Projection

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