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Feorri Sector

This Star Wars RPG campaign takes place in Feorri Sector, a remote collection of planets recently joined to the New Republic in the aftermath of the Galactic Civil War. As with countless other worlds, each of these planets has its own history, and has seen civilizations rise and fall.

The average visitor is likely only to see a grossly over-simplified presentation of any given world. An exhaustive exploration of the history, botany and zoology of each planet is beyond the scope of these articles (or this adventure), but here are some profiles of some of the worlds that the heroes may find themselves visiting in this sector.

  Ainar III                      
                  Narsus Prime Narsus V      

Ainar III Secluded home of a long-lost Old Republic-era colony
Branzet Old mining colony, full of "ghost towns"
Eltaes Frontier world, lush with unexplored wilderness
Geluvil Ringed world locked in a perpetual ice age
Langoria A wilderness world with ruins of an ancient civilization
Narsus Prime Seat of government for Feorri Sector
Narsus V Cloud-wrapped world mined for valuable gases

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