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Here are profiles of our heroes who are taking part in the Feorri Sector Campaign.

Choma, Force Adept
Choma is fairly strong and able, but none too attractive nor charismatic -- especially not the latter, given that he is a Pardu. Still, he seems to have an uncanny knack for seeing things before they happen, and has a number of strange, unexplained abilities. He has accompanied his brother, Zaky, away from Geluvil, and seeks his fortune in the galaxy at large. Though they share their heritage, and have some loyalty to each other on account of being blood-relations, Choma is often at odds (sometimes violently so) with his older brother.

Jigah Garoh, Gungan Warrior
Jigah is a proud Gungan warrior, born on a colony on a moon orbiting the remote world of Naboo. His ambition is to earn a name for himself and honor for his household by distinguishing himself as a great warrior and hero, and toward that end, he has left his peaceful homeworld behind, seeking out worthwhile causes in remote Feorri Sector. True to his notions of honor, he specializes in weapons distinctive of his people, such as the Cesta staff, rather than too readily using such weapons as blasters -- though, if that is all that is at hand, he is not so bound by notions of honor that he will not improvise when need be.
Jigah Garoh

Bail Solaris, Ex-Imperial Technician
Bail Solaris was a technician working for the Empire on the Forest Moon of Endor on that fateful day when the Ewoks and the Rebels took out the shield generator station on the surface ... then then subsequently destroyed the Death Star II, with the Emperor aboard it. Solaris was captured by Ewoks, and fortunately taken prisoner by the Rebels rather than being served up as stew (a fate that the Rebels themselves had only narrowly avoided previously). Bail Solaris spent some time in a penal colony along with other Imperial prisoners of war, and when he was finally released, his journeys took him far out to the worlds of the Rim, rather than joining up with one of the various fragments of the Galactic Empire (which was no longer galactic, and no longer had an emperor). He has kept a fairly low profile over the decades since then, though this latest employment opportunity might just change that, whether he likes it or not.
Bail Solaris Bail Solaris Miniature

Karl Sturmwulf, Soldier
Karl Sturmwulf is a veteran soldier, newly arrived to Feorri Sector.
Karl Sturmwulf Karl Sturmwulf Miniature

Trini, Jedi Guardian
Trini is a young Jedi Guardian fresh from Luke Skywalker's Praexium, on her first mission: respond to Governor Tebesk-a-Susek's plea to the Jedi for help in dealing with a renegade warlord.
Trini Trini

Paddy Valero, Jedi Consular
There are 14 quadrillion stories in the naked city -- and Paddy's one of 'em.

Padromius "Paddy" Valero was a bright, sensitive kid raised in the working-class neighborhood on the middle levels of Sector 10168C on Coruscant's southwestern quadrant, far from the gleaming spires of New Republic City, as it is called today: the center of galactic government for at least five thousand years. Life was hard, but there were plenty of opportunities for a smart young man. Paddy joined the ranks of the Sector Police as a patrolman, intending to put his keen intelligence and insight into human (and other) nature into practice as a detective when the next round of exams came up.

But his life took a rather unexpected turn: he tested high on Force aptitude. Oh sure, Paddy had more and better hunches and sniffed out the bad guys better than the next guy, but it never occurred to him that there was any greater meaning to it. He was shipped out to a rendezvous with the Kenobi's Prophecy, the interstellar frigate that served as the mobile base of the fledgling New Jedi Order. Studying under Master Tobias Blackboot, he honed his Force abilities and learned the Jedi Code. Paddy developed powers of detection and intuition that he knew would help him to be a detective as well as a Jedi. He returned home from "boot camp" full of expectations. He had a feeling that a new and unusual assignment was waiting for him...

Paddy Valero Paddy Valero Miniature

Zaky, Slicer
Zaky is a Pardu from the world of Geluvil, who was still considered a "cub" in the clan of his father when he and his brother were discovered by some alien entrepreneurs. The aliens were impressed at some pieces of technology that Zaky and Choma were showing off, and were compelled to offer the two Pardu jobs off-world. Zaky and Choma were very excited about this, and neglected to tell the aliens that they themselves were incapable of replicating these innovations, but rather that they had merely assisted in their construction. The aliens eventually figured this out by the time they reached Narsus Prime in order to get on a hyperspace route out-system. The disgusted aliens left the two Pardu stranded in Arksus Spaceport to fend for themselves. When Governor Tebesk-a-Susek put out a request for some technicians to assist in a "troubleshooting" crew, the Pardu overbilled their qualifications, and got the job. It remains to be seen whether they can live up to expectations.
Zaky Zaky Miniature

Professor Vashti Solaris
A professor of life and physical sciences, native to Feorri Sector. (Despite the surname, she is no relation of Bail Solaris. "Solaris" just happens to be a somewhat common name in the region.) While she isn't a fighter by any means, she still has some skill as a medic and is a fairly talented scientist in a wide range of fields, and thus her expertise may on occasion prove useful to the heroes.
Professor Professor Miniature

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