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The following are some brief profiles of major characters that the heroes may encounter during their adventures in Feorri Sector:

Moff Jerjeran Moff Tel Jerjeran
Retired Imperial officer, appointed moff of Feorri Sector during the days of the Empire. He was not especially cruel, as Imperials sometimes go, and was shrewd in his appointment of a puppet "governor" of Narsus Prime, Tebesk-a-Susek - a native Narseti of a fairly wealthy and influential family clan. By winning the support of an influential order within the Narseti people, he was able to maintain a semblance of peace. However, the Suseks had many rivals, and since the Suseks were essentially empowered by the Empire, many of their rivals turned to the Rebellion. Furthermore, there was still growing resentment for the demands put on the local people to provide the means to support the local Imperial garrison, and taxes to go to the Imperial Center.

With the collapse of the Empire, Moff Jerjeran's power waned, as he no longer had support from Coruscant. Agents of the New Republic infiltrated Feorri Sector, and made contact with local resistance cells. Rebels made attacks on Imperial and governmental installations, demonstrating the weakness of the current regime in failing to prevent these very attacks - and thus calling into question its ability to protect the populace.

When the people rose in rebellion, Moff Jerjeran ordered his troops to stand down, and surrendered, rather than prolonging the conflict. Jerjeran's chief military officer refused to surrender, and left with a large portion of the Imperial occupation force, taking up the role of an independent warlord, while Jerjeran was taken prisoner. As Moff Jerjeran had the blood of several protestors on his hands thanks to a brutal suppression of a riot during his regime, he was originally destined to be executed. Tebesk exercised his new-found actual powers of authority in an unpopular move (motivated, it is said, by a feeling of obligation to the moff for appointing him as governor) by granting Moff Jerjeran clemency. This clemency has no authority outside of Feorri Sector, so Moff Jerjeran has retired to a chateau on the world of Langoria to live out the rest of his days.

Addendum: Alas, Moff Jerjeran recently died in an explosion aboard Mining Platform G-7G on the gas-shrouded planet of Narsus V. He had been captured by forces loyal to Warlord Shel Abadan, and was being held in a blast chamber on the mining station while awaiting transfer to a shuttle. In a terrible tragedy, some heroes attempting a rescue attempt inadvertently caused a large explosion centered in the blast chamber when a stray blaster bolt struck some canisters of highly explosive gases. Moff Jerjeran, being caught at ground zero, was instantly killed.

Warlord Shel Abadan
Ex-Imperial captain of the Suppressor, a Nebulon-B class frigate, and a small flotila of support vessels. He does not recognize the authority of Admiral Pellaeon over the Imperial Navy. Abadan claims to represent the interests of the Empire, and to be carrying out the will of the Emperor. His ambition is to take over Feorri Sector for the glory of the "Empire" (himself). Presently, he hasn't the manpower, the firepower, or the resources (let alone the popular support) to do so, which is one reason why he hasn't drawn special attention of the Empire or the New Republic to try to weed him out. However, while he may not present problems on a galactic scale, he is a very real nuisance and sometimes threat to the peace in the smaller arena of Feorri Sector.

Given the opportunity, he will make attacks on any New Republic property in the area, but lacking that (seeing as this is far removed from Coruscant), he's not above petty banditry and extortion to acquire supplies to maintain his "war band". After so many clashes, the number of the original (ex-)Imperial personnel under his command has dwindled, to be replaced by varied thugs that he has recruited and pressed into service, most of them along for the loot, making him little more than a pirate captain whose crew is a little better dressed than the average brigand. He still insists on proper uniforms for his troopers, though he himself has cultivated a somewhat cliche appearance: In addition to his Imperial officer's uniform, he wears a sweeping black cape off his shoulders and a face-concealing mask. He also carries a lightsaber, though it is not known how he acquired it, or whether he is actually capable of using it.

Senator Myrte Thask
Representative of Feorri Sector in the senate. Something of a political appointment on the part of the sector governor, in order to show that other aliens in the region have a place in the new order, she is a Pardu, hailing from the world of Geluvil. She does not seem to share the deficiency in charisma that is characteristic of her kind, though she hasn't established herself as a major player in the senate. She received an offworld education on the world of Bothawui; it's little secret that she's on good terms with Borsk Fey'la; on any matters of importance, the Feorri vote can always be counted on to coincide with the Bothan camp.

Tebesk-a-Susek Governor Tebesk-a-Susek
Narseti ruler of Narsus System and, by extension, Feorri Sector. Tebesk was kept on by the Imperial Moff as a sort of puppet leader of Narsus Prime, in order to keep the Narseti sedate. With the usurping of Imperial rule and the entry of Feorri Sector into the New Republic, Tebesk has suddenly found his position to be far from merely ornamental. Due to the nature of Narseti politics, Tebesk cannot simply step down and let someone else take the reins. If he were to vacate his position, there would be a long and bloody battle of succession among his people -- and if he attempted to separate the leadership of the sector from the leadership of Narsus Prime, that similarly would result in much conflict and bloodshed. So, with his scant resources, he is ill equipped to deal with trouble-makers such as Warlord Abadan, and is desperate to acquire the help of whatever heroes are willing to help establish peace in the region. Tebesk-a-Susek is loyal to those he considers friends, and his code of honor demands that he repay favors, though he is still a politician, and sometimes puts political expediency above moral concerns.

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