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Trianii The Trianii are another one of the several sapient feline alien species to be found in the Star Wars universe. (Others include but are not limited to Togorians, Cathar, Catuman, Horansi and Pardu.) Unlike these other feline aliens, they are unique in having prehensile tails, and they are particularly agile, and natural acrobats. Their bodies are covered in sleek fur, in a wide range of colors in patterns. The females of the species are generally stronger, faster and more dextrous than the males, and thus the society is matriarchal in structure. (Tribunals of females called yu'nar are responsible for running their society.)

Trianii culture can be described as very religious, compared to the galactic norm, and also very militantly isolationist. (During the era of the Empire, the Trianii had an on-going bloody feud with the Corporate Sector Authority, as corporate interests attempted to move into Trianii space.)

In addition to the Trianii homeworld (Trian), these people have explored and colonized six systems, the four most noteworthy being Brochiib, Pypin, Ekibo and Fibuli. During the Imperial era, they successfully rebuffed attempts at Imperial expansion into their territory, and in the post-Empire era, they have shown no desire to join the New Republic.

Personality: Trianii encountered outside of their territory are likely to be outcasts or adventurers that are an exception to the norm of their society. That said, the typical Trianii is very religious (others might call them "superstitious") and will tend to expect females to be of higher station and importance than males.

Physical Description: Humanoid, furred, with three fingers and a thumb on each hand, a prehensile tail, and a cat-like head, with vestigial claws, and greatly varied fur color and patterns. A Trianii adult averages at 2.0 meters tall.

Trianii Homeworld: Trian.

Language: Trianii.

Example Names: Ghia

Adventurers: "Traditional" Trianii who might make contact with the outside galaxy might be Trianii nobles whose extraordinary circumstances require them to make some limited contact with outsiders, or else scouts looking for new worlds to be colonized. Their society is sufficiently varied that they may produce any number of Classes, though they do not as of yet have any formal relationship with the Jedi, so any Force-Sensitive Trianii are far more likely to be Force Adepts. Given the violent reaction of the Trianii to any who venture into their space, some aliens are inclined to treat the Trianii in kind, so Trianii adventurers should be prepared to get less-than-warm receptions in Imperial and Republic space.

Trianii Species Traits

  • -2 to Strength, +2 to Dexterity. Trianiis are sleek and agile creatures, making them less physically strong, but very dextrous.
  • Medium-size. As Medium-size creatures, Trianii have no special bonuses or penalties due to their size.
  • Trianii base speed is 10 meters.
  • Low-Light Vision. Trianii can see twice as far as a Human in dim light (such as moonlight or underwater). They retain the ability to distinguish color and detail under these conditions.
  • Acrobat. Trianii are very agile, with excellent senses of balance, and are capable of leaping, jumping, and acrobatics. Hence, they start with the Acrobat Feat.
  • Prehensile Tail. Trianii have prehensile tails capable of grasping small objects (no more than 5 kg), but not sufficiently strong or dextrous to be able to utilize weapons or do fine manipulation.
  • Automatic Languages: Trianii, Basic.
  • Origin: Adapted from WEG Star Wars RPG. For more information on this species, check out The Essential Guide to Alien Species, page 134.

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